How to Tell if you are a Hopeless Romantic?

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How to Tell if you are a Hopeless Romantic?

Are you the kind of person who looks at a girl and dreams about being romantically involved with the person? Does the thought about romance stay in your mind the entire time? Are you a hopeless romantic? Well, if love and romance are the two things that dominate most of your thoughts, you, my friend, are a hopeless romantic!

There’s nothing wrong with being hopelessly romantic. Rather, one must be a hopeless romantic to keep the spark in a relationship. But the question is how to be a hopeless romantic? Are there ways and signs that tell if you are a hopeless romantic or it’s something that you know? Can we really define hopeless romantic? For those who have confused themselves with the over usage of the word, here’s a crisp definition of what the term exactly means. It is addressed to those individuals who are driven by the emotion of love in their day to day life. Their most predominant emotion is love, and all they wish to do is celebrate and distribute love to all. 

If the definition is something you can relate to, there are signs that you must possess that will confirm your doubt on whether you are a hopeless romantic or not: 

#1. Daydreaming Is A Part Of Your Daily Cycle 

Do you daydream most of the times about romantic encounters with your partner? Do you imagine how they would react when you present them with something really special and get excited about the reaction they may give? Then here’s what you need to know, you are a hopeless romantic! One of the first signs of a hopeless romantic is that they daydream about spending quality time with their loved ones and get happy with the thoughts of love that flush their mind. 

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#2. Giving Surprises Is Your Personality Trait 

A hopelessly romantic person would love to indulge in surprises and leave no opportunity to flood their better halves with unexpected gifts and warm gestures. So, if you are those of person who adores flooding their beloved with random surprises and rains gifts on them, you are nothing but a hopeless romantic. This is something that gets you satisfaction and connects you further with the partner. By surprises and gifts, we do not really mean materialistic things; we indicate sweet and heart touching gestures as well. As long as it strikes the right chord, any form of gesture is good. 

#3. Romantic Movies Are Your Favorites 

If given a choice between ‘PS I Love you’ and ‘Transformers,’ which one would you choose? If your choice is the first one, then you are surely a hopeless romantic. Most people who are romantics, love and adore romantic comedies more than thriller and other fiction and prefer to spend an afternoon watching a romantic movie than really indulging in a movie that speaks volumes of crime and drama. Thus, the most outright sign that signifies whether you are a hopeless romantic or not is your preference in the kind of movies that you watch. 

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#4. Love Is What You Believe In 

If the thought of love drives everything that you do, gear up to address yourself as a hopeless romantic! People who fall into this category strongly believe in the concept of love, and all their actions are driven as a result of the same. Love is what drives them to undertake most of the initiations in life, and all they desire to do is spread love among all. If you believe in happily ever after and have faith in a soulmate, theirs is no way you can deny being a hopeless romantic. 

#5. Wait For Your Mr/Ms. Perfect 

In the age of dating, if you are that one person who is actually waiting for your prince charming or your beauty queen to come and sweep you off your feet, you are residing in a bubble of hopelessly romantic thoughts. It is really difficult to not fall prey to those who claim to love you but falter in expressing the same. But if you managed to safeguard yourself from the vicious circle of dating and are eagerly waiting for that one person who will define your life and your being, then you are a hopeless romantic who strongly believes in love. 

#6.You Dress To Impress

Do you believe that you need to be ready at all times to ensure you meet your better half and leave a good impact on the same? Do you dress to impress? In such cases, you fall aptly in the category of a hopeless romantic. For them, life is a movie, and the stage is set. No one knows what the script is, but all one knows is that there is someone for somebody somewhere on the stage and it’s just and how you meet the person. So, they get ready at all times to leave no opportunity to woo the person who might eventually be the person they will spend the rest of their lives with. 

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#7. You Have Expectations (High Expectations) 

From the way you meet to the proposal till you decide to stay with each other in sickness and in health, the babies and the life henceforth; if you are the kind of person who already has a design set in your head that needs to be met, you are nothing but a hopeless romantic. Such people have high expectations from their partners and get disheartened when their dreams are not fulfilled. However, they have already imagined how their life’s greatest moments are going to spend and how they will reap the best from what they have emotionally. In this, lies the beauty of such people! 

#8. When Other Love Story Inspires You 

Be it on Facebook or in reality, if your best friend’s love story or a random person’s story of union touches your heart and makes you go ‘awww,’ then that’s a sign that tells you are a hopelessly romantic person. What matters the most to you is the way two people, who are madly in love, pave their way to construct a prosperous future with each other. This touches most hopelessly romantic people who, in their head, imagine their own story and seek happiness before it actually happens 

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Did this help you in understanding whether you are a hopelessly romantic person or not? What are the signs that tell you that you are a hopelessly romantic person? Tell us about it! 

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