Has online dating changed the essence of relationships?

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Has online dating changed the essence of relationships?

The advent of Technology has revolutionized different aspects of our day to day lives, now including dating. Earlier people eagerly waited for marriages or social events and gatherings to meet their potential partners. However, now the whole partner hunt has become super easy with online dating coming into the picture.

There Is Someone For Everyone

It's popularly known and even seen in Bollywood movies that the male often puts up a social image and tries to act like the kind of guy that the girl would fall for. However, online dating has provided people a space to be their authentic self apologetically. This certainly works because unlike in real life wherein there are only a handful of options for people to choose from, online dating offers a sea full of fishes for people looking for a partner, to choose from.

A Place For Introverts

When it comes to introverts or people with low self confidence, online dating has made everything so much easier. People who meet online can now first get to know each other well over the phone and then make the efforts to meet in real life only if things click. Goodbye anxiety!

Transparent Environment

From the old-school love at first sight, the approach to dating has become a more calculated one wherein, individuals are matched based on their compatibility calculated by these apps by matching the likes, hobbies and interests of the users. Therefore it has become possible for people looking for a partner to reject as many profiles as possible until they find their one true match. In such a case, the users are well aware of the basic traits of their potential partner, making decision making regarding the date with the person so much easier.

Scope For Mutual Selection

Often in real life, the commonly seen scenario is the one in which the male is seen chasing the girl until she gives in. The female on the other hand selects a partner from the many chasing her. Usually ending up with the one that chases her for the longest duration. However, online dating has provided a level playing field to both males and females wherein, females have an equal right to select the partner of their choice without the space for judgment and without the need to honor stereotypes.

If people can meet their life partner on online matrimonial sites then it is only sensible to extend such a practical match making approach to dating as well.

However, online dating however fancy it may sound comes with it's own set of risks. When people are desperate for love, they become a potential target for online fraudsters who lure these people and misuse their trusting nature to rob them of their money or simply use them physically only to gaslight them later as it's hard to trace people who don't share a common friend circle or institution with us.

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