Make Expressing Love to each other as a Non-Negotiable component of your Marriage

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Make Expressing Love to each other as a Non-Negotiable component of your Marriage

One of the best tips for a successful marriage is not just to feel love, but to show it. Partners benefit from love in relationships being shown on a daily basis because it makes them feel appreciated, cared for, and special.

Showing love every day should be non-negotiable in a healthy marriage. Love can be expressed verbally, physically, with kisses, with acts of kindness and thoughtfulness, or by taking things into the bedroom and connecting on a deeper level. Whichever way you choose to express your love – do it!

Ways you can show love every day to increase intimacy in a marriage.

Say I Love You

One of the best tips for a successful marriage is to say I love you and mean it.

The first time you said "I love you" it was probably a grand declaration. Whether you planned out a romantic evening to confess your feelings to your spouse or you simply blurted it out during a tickle-fight, the words meant something to you.

Of course, not every time you say I love you is going to lead to fireworks. For example, before you hang up the phone you may say: "Love you!" or it may be something you say casually before work or bed.

This may seem like this strong and powerful phrase has been relegated to a casual phrase, but the truth is couples like saying it and they like hearing it. Why?

Expressions of love in relationships helps couples feel closer to one another. It reminds them they are cared for, that they are first on someone's list of priorities, and that they matter. So whether you say it daily or only when you're overwhelmed with happiness, just make sure you say it. Period.

Physical Intimacy in a Marriage

One way to express both love and intimacy in a marriage is to make your sex life a priority. Being alone in the bedroom is more than just a physical act shared between partners, it's a way to boost your mood and bond you closer together.

By having sex regularly, you boost dopamine, which makes you feel happier. Sex also lowers stress hormones in both men and women.

Sex, orgasm, and physical touch also boosts the oxytocin hormone which is responsible for that puppy-love feeling usually experienced during the beginning of a relationship. Oxytocin also makes you feel more trusting of your partner.

Make a List

What do you love and admire about your partner? One great couple's exercise is to make a list of five things you love most about your partner. IT could be their sense of humor, the kind way they treat others, your favorite inside joke, or a naughty memory together. You could even write down your favorite story starring your partner. Once you've completed your lists, share them with one another.

This is a fantastic way to show each other how you really feel and to be reminded of your spouse's genuine affection for not only how you make each other feel, but for who you are as individuals.

Express Admiration

Intimacy in a marriage is deepened when couples express appreciation for one another. When you admire someone, it means that you look up to and appreciate them.

One way you can express admiration is by celebrating together as a couple. A study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology found that couples who celebrate each other’s achievement reported higher levels of relationship satisfaction than couples who expressed indifference at their partner's good news.

Express admiration for your partner by telling them the qualities you love about them, how you appreciate their role as a provider, protector, or care-taker, how you look up to their talents and dreams, and you can even show admiration for your partner's physical features.

Build Emotional Intimacy in a Marriage

One of the best tips for a successful marriage is to strengthen your emotional connection. When your emotional connection is strong it spreads to the rest of your relationship. It creates a deeper friendship, improves communication, heightens your sexual experience together, and improves relationship happiness.

There are many ways you can improve emotional intimacy together. To begin with, start having a weekly date-night where you spend time alone together. Plan a date outside of the house where you're not distracted by children, work obligations, or the television.

Another great way to deepen your emotional intimacy is to silence your electronics when you're spending time together. Nothing squashes a fun or romantic evening with your spouse like constant texting and checking Instagram.

Show Kindness

Kindness is one of the best tips for a successful marriage. You can strengthen intimacy in relationships by doing the little things daily, such as making your partner a cup of coffee in the morning or holding the door open for each other.

You can also express kindness with your words, never saying something purposely to hurt your spouse's feelings t dredge up the past. Another way to build love in relationships is to let your spouse know they are a priority in your life, always making time for them and listening to them when they speak.

Forgiveness is another kindness that you can extend to your partner. Of course, nobody is perfect and you are bound to get into arguments or say hurtful things over time, but you can show kindness to each other by saying you forgive your spouse and meaning it - not storing up past mistakes to use as leverage in a later argument.

Expressing admiration, being thoughtful and kind to one another, and being physical together regularly is a great way to build intimacy in a marriage. Showing love to one another regularly is a choice. Choose to strengthen your relationship by making expressing love to each other a non-negotiable part of your marriage to ensure a long-lasting, happy partnership.

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