Relationship Problem with boyfriend

1,259 Views Updated: 01 Aug 2018
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I need some people's opinion, so things have been weird between me and my boyfriend lately and he works every day but stops answering me the same time every single day and says his phone dies which is every single day, he's came home with scratches covering his back, he gave me a reason on why "it's there" but there also on his hand and arm and neck, he's been acting weird about his phone he'll shut it off a lot of the time when I walk up to him and I ask him why and he unlocks his phone and obviously clears out anything he's doing then shows me it, he sits in his car for almost over 20 minutes every day he won't answer me on his way home from work, a lot of the time in public he'll walk a distance from me and I have to say his name 10-15 times for him to walk next to me and it turns into a fight, every time I bring up him cheating he immediately jumps back to me and accuses me or makes it about him or how I'm making him feel apparently, in public I see him completely stare at other girls then lie to me and say he doesn't, I found a piece of hair that's not mine right next to somewhere and a rash, I need opinions, do you think he's cheating? 

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