How to Tell if you are in the Best Relationship of your Life?

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How to Tell if you are in the Best Relationship of your Life?

It can take you a lot of relationships to tell if you are in the best relationship of your life as you have dated different types of people and can easily differentiate between the degree of love each partner aroused in your heart and the level of understanding you had with them. The purpose of any relationship is to make you feel valued and remove all self-doubt and loneliness that can cause anguish about your own existence.

The best relationship of your life will make you feel good about all the qualities you possess and never make you feel uneasy about yourself. You will be content with the knowledge that the person who you are with knows everything about you and loves you just the way you are.

How to Tell If You Are In the Best Relationship of Your Life?

#1. You Never Lose Touch with Your Real Self

All of us have a core personality that defines us. Every person has his or her own set of behaviors and actions. If you feel that you are your real self with your partner, then this is something that proves that you are in the best relationship of your life. A good relationship provides you the opportunity to find and nurture your real self. In a true relationship, your partner provides you the opportunity to express your real self without feeling any restriction. The connection with your partner is a really strong one when they like you just the way you are and you like them just the way they are.

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#2. Both of You have left Your Egos Behind

It is very easy to get carried away and throw all your weight behind a decision in lieu of your ego that stems from the thinking that I am always right and cannot be wrong. This can fracture your relationship. A simple way of telling whether you are in the best relationship of your life or not is when you always communicate with each other. Your agreements make you happy and disagreements don’t last for long as you consider all the choices and options you have for that particular situation and pick the one which seems the best. A partner who doesn’t bicker and persist on the first thing he or she said is not egotistical and has the presence of mind to change his or her stance when the person gets to know about the situation.

#3. You Both Are Honest

Honesty is the best policy and the best relationship will give you lots of it. Sometimes situations will feel to be a little sharp and brazen but being honest with each other will make things smooth and fine. Partners who are honest about their demands and needs never feel their partner is ignorant of them as they get an answer from them which stops them from indulging in negative thoughts as they know the exact time when the action which they want will take place.

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#4. You Look After Each Other

Anyone can say they care but not everyone can prove it and it is usually the proving which has to be done in order to secure love in one’s heart. The best relationship surely has to be the one in which your partner is aware of your needs and do all they can to fulfill them. They fulfill all your emotional demands and some financial ones which you cannot fulfill on your own or you just want your partner to get you something as he/she has not got you anything in a while. Even in an independent marriage where partners take care of individual needs them it is important that they see you make efforts for them and give them a surprise once in a while. Another thing which is really important and can determine what kind of relationship you are in is how your partner treats you when you are sick or ill, the care you receive during this will define the love both of you have for each other and how much your presence means to your partner.

#5. You Don’t Wish For Changes

No matter how much we pretend to like something and suppress our dislikes, the truth is that we cannot go on forever or even a few days doing something which makes us uneasy or uncomfortable. So when you are in the best relationship of your life. The love bubble you are living in is complete and free of strains.

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#6. The Intensity Never Dies

You know you are in the best relationship of your life when the intensity never dies and both you and your partner don’t lose yourself in pursuit of something imaginary but keep acting in the way which inspires love. Sex is never off the cards and you always get a warm and cuddly feeling whenever you hug your partner. A lot of people mistake intensity for noise but that is not what intensity is, the intensity is when you hold your partner passionately and kiss them passionately and are filled with a positive energy that refuses to die and only gives out when it is transmitted from them to you.

#7. You Cannot Imagine Being Single

In the best relationship of your life, you are so engrossed in the way it is built and the way in which it is carried out daily that the days when you were not in a committed relationship seem like a distant memory which you think happened in some other lifetime. You cannot even imagine being single and this is a testament to how much you like being with your better and how difficult and sad your life will become without this relationship.

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#8. You Feel Positive and Protected

There is a reason why the fairy tale where a princess is rescued by a prince is famous or on the other side where a princess kisses a frog and he turns into a prince famous. This is because while living we need someone to keep us positive. In the best relationship of your life, you will never feel the need to be rescued as you will be enjoying life to the fullest.

Tells us why you think your relationship is the best relationship ever. Drop comments in the comment section below. 

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