Do's and Dont's Of Online Dating

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Do's and Dont's Of Online Dating

heartbroken Have you tried finding love on the internet? If you have, how painstaking it can be (especially if you’re a woman) and if you haven’t, we’ll tell you that it isn’t as merry as you see on these website’s or app’s advertisements.

Finding the right people on the internet can be extremely difficult. If you’re a woman, you are subject to hundreds and thousands of creepy men who say some of the weirdest things to you. And, men feel that you’re obliged to always reply to their creepy texts. If you’re a man, you’ve been probably trying too hard to talk to a girl. Chances are you’re heartbroken and have already formed an opinion that dating sites are perhaps not for you.

Well, wait. We discuss all the things that you should be doing on dating sites to increase your chances of getting a match. We also discuss all the things that you should avoid and all the things that you’ve probably been doing wrong.

Never Rush Things

While we know how hard it is even to find the right matches, when you do find one, don’t rush things. Many people come on dating sites just before bedtime. So don’t text the person the second you’ve matched. You could come across as someone who is too desperate and overeager for things to happen. Give it some time, play it cool,and wait for at least a day before you actually text.

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Don’t Be a Comic

There is a saying in India that if a girl laughs to what you say, means that she is interested in you. While that might be true, you have to remember that you aren’t too funny, or try to be too funny. Girls absolutely like a man who can make them laugh, but they detest men with the same intensity who is always making jokes. Be subtle. And, only make jokes if you think you are funny. Try putting your jokes between conversations. Just don’t act like you’re some standup comedian. Trust us; it immediately puts a girl off.

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Don’t Make People Feel Awkward

We understand men and their obsession with pickup lines. However, more than often these lines are outright bad and often end up making the other person feel too awkward. Apart from that, don’t ask questions that might do the same. We read this somewhere on Tinder, where a guy asked a girl: how much weight have you lost? Well, why would anyone say something that sounds so offensive to anyone?

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Be Honest

While talking to someone, just be honest as to what you’re looking for right now. Never mislead a person into believing something that you don’t intend on doing. Just be outright and tell people of your commitment and if you’re looking for a long term relationship or not.

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Women Don’t Owe You Anything

Most of the women we’ve talked to always complain of the extremely brutal messages that they get sometimes. Men feel that if a woman has right swiped them means that they absolutely want to get intimate the same night. Please remember that people have priorities and women aren’t objects. They don’t owe you anything. So, if a woman doesn’t reply to you, just back off.

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So, there you have it. Just a few more pointers: don’t ask for numbers too soon and don’t wait for more than a week before asking for it. Just remember these rules and your online dating life will start rocking. And remember, if you have stories to tell us of your online dating life, make full use of the comments section below to tell us. We are listening. Happy Dating Life!

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