Is it polite to be straightforward when you talk to someone?

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Is it polite to be straightforward when you talk to someone?

Being straightforward is a trait that individuals exhibit when they put forward thoughts in a simple and effortless manner rather than beating around the bush. People who have this personality are often confident and certain that they have the right Information about a particular thing in a particular space. Therefore being straightforward is judged by many as being rude. Nonetheless, straightforward persons have a tendency to speak out their mind which in turn upsets people who wanted more polite and biased thoughts. Straightforward people are categorized as being assertive in nature. Displaying traits of frankness, they are often judged in various places of the society.

Being straightforward is not at all a sign of impoliteness. Every individual has his own behavioral characteristics. A straightforward person is just another normal human being who constantly manages to talk in a more profound way rather than scribbling ideas. People who display straightforward behavior are even termed as being an impatient fellow. This is because they hardly waste time in talking nor do they listen to long talks. But this, on the other hand, is a sign of good trait. Maybe some people want to talk what is not needed, but it is better to speak less and understand more rather than speaking constantly at an uncontrollable pace.

Straightforward people always create an atmosphere which is less noisy. Since they believe in making things pretty simple, they always choose persons who are intellectual in behavior and no nonsense in attitude. They always crave for the truth to be spoken. They speak with integrity and honesty in every other situation faced by them. Due to this person who have a habit of listening to things which are servile in nature have a bone to pick with them. But it’s the way straightforward people socialize and there is nothing wrong in that. Speaking the truth no matter how bitter it is, is always advisable. It is only in the case of the sensitive people who get hurt by their words. People who know that accepting the truth makes them learn will never criticize a straightforward person. A straightforward person, therefore, possesses information which other people fear to speak out and are always hated for that.

No doubt a person who is straightforward has a distinctive and clear picturization of everything. At times when they know they are not capable of any tasks, they simply refuse it before even the task gets started. They hardly prefer giving loans and neither have they taken any. Straightforward people know their boundaries and that picture is clearly set in their mind. Unlike other individuals who are pretty much confused about performing a certain task. Confused persons perform poorly in completing tasks. Straightforward persons know which tasks they can perform and which they can't. Thus increasing the productivity.

Straightforward people communicate to solve any kind of issue. They don’t keep words back in their heart and presume things. If something doesn’t seem right to them, they just simply speak their hearts out. This is the reason they are termed as assertive. They prefer talking and talking straight to the point. This trait actually saves a lot of time rather than making people guess what you are thinking. Although talking without any reason is stupidity, straightforward people know when to talk and when not. This is termed by many as impoliteness, but it is classy in the same way. Straightforward guys don’t feel the need to speculate and wonder around. They just jump to the point. Thus, a more realistic talk is made when straightforward people are in the group.

Straightforward people know that dignity is the first thing that has to be taken care of. Every time they feel uncomfortable or not satisfied with someone’s remark, they simply walk off without uttering a single word. Unlike other individuals who argue with persons if they hear something unpleasant about themselves. This trait makes the straightforward persons classier and less noisy. Although many term them as being a badly behaved person, but they respect their own persona rather than listening to another’s person’s disrespectful view. They often tell people what they don’t want to hear on the face. If people get hurt, they know that telling the truth is the only option rather than being foolishly accepting lies.

Confidence is the most positive trait of a straightforward person. Termed by many as being overconfident, a straightforward person knows where he is capable enough to portray his skills and never hesitates in doing so. For him, everything is taken on a positive note and he shoots it straight to make the particular task successful. This trait makes the straightforward people different and more successful than other individuals. Even though people get jealous and speak behind their back, straightforward persons are confident enough to push back their competitors with the right set of actions.

The whole world has different views for every individual. Straightforward people are termed as rude because of their straight behavior. But it is better to speak the truth rather than speaking lies. No matter what the whole world thinks, straightforward people never intend to hurt anyone. They just speak what is true and get judged because of that. Nevertheless, it is very much polite if someone is straightforward and should be appreciated for living life without being servile. No person should change because of the various norms a society possess. Each individual is different and possesses unique traits.

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Being straight forward is not being rude. We can express the truth in a polite way too.

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