How To Break The Ice With Fellow Passengers Without Making A Fool Out Of Yourself?

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How To Break The Ice With Fellow Passengers Without Making A Fool Out Of Yourself?

Who doesn’t like to travel? There will always be many travel journeys in everybody’s life where they’ll have to travel alone. Hence, learning to start a conversation with a stranger is quite important for all us. We mean, seriously for how long can you listen to songs, or watch movies or for that matter read a book? 

With the advent of social media sites, being social has become easy, but only digitally. Nonetheless, the real problem comes when you practically have to do it out in the open and on the spot. There is no time to think before sending the friend request, neither is there a chance for you to bluntly ignore any friend requests.

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You have to act there and then, without any delay and mind you; no one would want to mess with the person sitting next to them, after all, you are physically stuck with him or her for next few hours.

Humans are known as the social animal, so being practically social is something that we ought to do. The real question is how we do it, especially with the opposite sex.

I ‘ll tell you how. Following are a few tips that can guide you to break the ice with strangers of any gender:

1. Include Names

Refer to yourself and the other person by their names in the conversation. This ensures that you are paying attention to that person and formulates a positive connection between the two.

It also shows that you remember their name and gives a gentle reminder to them what your name is.

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In quick introductions, we often forget the names (that are mentioned in the very beginning). But, apparently, we feel weird to ask their name again. And both of them end up having 20 minutes conversation without having the slightest idea about each other’s name.

So, to remind the other person your name, try to slip it conversations like, “I think I am more like my mother because when I was a kid, my mom was always like, Steve, go clean your room… after so many years she has not changed even a little bit, nor have I!”

2. Choose groups over individuals

It’s not that it’s boring to talk to people, but, in the case of groups, much less effort has to be made by each of the individuals. Also, because some people are involved, chances of interesting topics are much more.

Moreover, you don’t even have to think twice before leaving the group. Such is not the case when talking one on one, because, here if you take leave without a proper excuse it will be considered very rude.

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And not to mention that one to one conversations become quite monotonous, probably because there are an insufficient number of common topics that one can discuss but in a group, things pretty much flow casually, and it’s more easygoing.

3. Be who you are

There have been many instances encountered by me where there is someone who is getting extremely friendly and has done everything better than those who have done it!

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Here’s the catch, others aren’t fools. They will easily catch you if you say things just for the sake of it.

Don’t sell yourself; it’s not a job interview!

4. Don’t break the ice by asking uninteresting questions

You have to understand that, asking about the job of a person might not be the best question to start a conversation with.

So, try to talk about something either common to both of you and if not that, then slip in something that is neutral.

This might include statements like, “My friend asked me a fascinating question the other day. It was if you were free to choose, which country would you settle in?”

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Apart from this, you can also offer them something to start a conversation.

5. Make others feel good

Try to make the person feel smart with you by listening to what he/she is saying. I mean, it won’t kill you to say nice things like, “Really? I never knew that!” or “How do you know so much?” etc.

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It makes the other person feel special and appreciated, this helps in developing a bond. 

If you have any story or if you want to share your opinion with us, do comment in the comment box below.

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