Why gender parity is more realistic than equality

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Why gender parity is more realistic than equality

Before answering the question as to 'Why is gender parity more realistic than equality', we need to know what actually is 'gender parity'. It is actually the sex ratio of the male against the female in every country. Gender parity refers to the equal distribution of basic facilities like food, clothing, shelter and education between the male and female. Every year UNESCO brings out a list of gender parity for each country. 

Discrimination against the female or women and the girl child has been taking place since time immemorial. Therefore, every year UNESCO brings out a list of gender parity for each country in order to help countries to bring in gender equality. Achieving the equal ratio of males and females is not enough. The main goal for each country is the equal distribution of right between the male and the female. 

In India still, there are pockets where the girl child is deprived of proper food and education. The top most positions whether in politics, administration, defence or the judiciary are still occupied mostly by men. Though women have made their mark in every aspect of life yet the highest post is scarce for them. 

Gender parity is still a matter of concern even after so many years of Independence. Yet, it is a more realistic goal than gender equality as it inspires every organisation and country to work for women empowerment through the indices of gender parity. It is only through gender parity that gender inequality can be eradicated. The gap of unequal preference between man and women can only be narrowed by studying the regular statistic of gender parity in different walks of life. We need to have the number of female babies born every year as against the number of male babies, their postnatal care strategies, nutritional standards and the education facilities given to each gender.  

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