Male or Female, Who have Easier Life?

1,067 Views Updated: 04 Dec 2017
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I feel that both the genders have their own set of hardships and it is a little tricky to claim that one of them has and easier life. But if we look at the situation in the context of our society, then we will find that probable males have an easier life. This is because of the fact that society does not burden them with its high expectations and unwanted burdens. A male enjoys the freedom to go out and have fun at any time. In a patriarchal society that we have, most of the norms favor males over females. Women are often denied the freedom to do things on their own discretion. Moreover, they are also expected to behave in a certain way in order to adhere to the norms of the society. This is not the case with males who can do a lot of things according to their choice and own their free will. Females have always been subjected to several crimes including domestic violence and crimes. Even males undergo all this but if we form a comparison between both the genders, then males definitely have an upper hand. Their life is easier than women in more than one ways.

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