Why are so many People getting Arrested at the Notting Hill Carnival?

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Why are so many People getting Arrested at the Notting Hill Carnival?

Europe's biggest street party, Notting Hill Carnival has just ended with a fresh row of controversy. The mega event that celebrates the culture of the British has come under the scanner for its violent attack on the officers who were managing and guiding the participants of the carnival. 

For those who do not know what Notting Hill Carnival is, it is an annual festival celebrated on the streets of Notting Hill, in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea in London since 1966. What began as a usual festival, took an ugly turn when police officers were attacked with bottles and blood, leading onto to clashes between the two and several arrests for the same.

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This makes us wonder if events like this are really fun to attend or have they lost their charm over the last few years? Was it fair for the people to show their aggression towards the officers in such a disgraceful manner? What do you feel? Tell us about it. Comment on the box to leave your suggestions and views!

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In this Notting Hill Carnival, there were 31 police officers attacked during the two-day event. The people in the event slashed with broken bottles, acid and they were mistreated to a larger extent. In worst cases, 3 cops had bloody spit sprayed on their faces. So, they called off and more than 300 people were arrested with dozens of weapons getting seized. In this crack down situation, there were 100 people banned from this event. However, the number was fewer than last year.

No it is unfair for people to show such aggression towards officers.

The answer lies in the content itself. When traditional fests take over ugly turns, situations become worse. If the officials can be attacked, people can get arrested too. 

it is never right to take the law into your hands. its the police force's duty to protect the citizens. they will do anything to protect you and make sure you are safe. 

Over 300 arrests have been made at the Notting Hill Carnival. The police have reportedly arrested people on the charges of drug abuse and carrying dangerous weapons.

I do agree with the fact that such aggression towards the officials is not acceptable. 

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