How to Stop being Too Naive?

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How to Stop being Too Naive?

Are you one of those people who lack experience and judgment skills? Are you often called “naive” in your life? If you frequently face these questions in your life, then probably you are naturally innocent which makes you being called naive by other people way too often.

To stop being too naive, you do not have to bring drastic changes in your life. However, you certainly need to bring some small transformations in your behavior. It is really important to project yourself as an upfront, confident and smart person so that people might not take advantage of your innocence and naive attitude.

Let us now dive in some of the behavioral patterns and activities that you can adapt so as to undergo transformation and stop being naive.

#1. Meet People From Different Backgrounds

Some people appear to be naive because they have limited experience. They do not have a lot of experience of interaction with other human beings and thus lack enough exposure. It is always good to try and talk to people from different backgrounds. It helps you to get an idea of various perspectives and beliefs that people have worldwide. It will also help you open up in front of other people, and you will become a smart and open-minded person. Also, it lets you know a lot about people in general. You are probably naive because you never got that exposure that can make you open up to talk to anyone who belongs to a different background. Therefore, try and meet as many people as you can from diverse backgrounds. 

#2. Read More 

Reading helps a lot to understand things in a better way and have a different outlook on a particular situation. Raising in a sheltered environment can make you a little naive. However, reading books and other informative stuff can let you gain a lot of knowledge and experience. It will help you in increasing your horizon of knowledge. You probably missed a little experience because you had a comfort zone your parents had provided you, or you created for yourself. Engage yourself in reading as it will give you exposure to different situations in an objective manner. Reading also stimulates the cells in your brain. A well-read person is hardly a naive one. He or she becomes witty by thorough reading.

#3. Expand Your Comfort Zone

To stop being naive, it is very important to go beyond your comfort shell. When you are in your comfort zone, you tend to bound yourself in certain restrictions. Once you take a step out of your comfort zone, it will help you to understand the world which lies outside your mental boundaries in a better way. You will be able to respond promptly, and people will stop thinking that you are a naive person. Don’t let yourself settle for an average or comfortable life. Explore yourself as much as you can. In order to reinvigorate your life with full of experiences, you need to step out of your lovely comfort zone.

#4. Travel As Much As You Can

When you start exploring and traveling, the world becomes smaller. Taking over the globe can teach you things that you can’t even learn in a lifetime sitting at one place. In order to experience your green skin, you need to get out of the zone you’ve been living in. The people who have underdeveloped social skills become naive because they do not explore people and become tied in their shell. Acquire those social skills by traveling and developing self-independence. Just try and commit yourself to the new experiences.

#5. Volunteer To Know

A naive individual, of course, does not take initiatives to volunteer in anything that much. Despite the fact that volunteering provides a new perspective towards life, people hardly take the initiative. Believe it or not, volunteering leaves a positive impact on your mental and physical health. Volunteering provides an individual an increased sense of fulfillment and purpose. More importantly, most of the volunteering opportunities do not demand specialized skills.

#6. Learn To Know People

If you remain naive, you won’t be able to understand different people. Some people are extremely trustworthy. Some people, however, are not that trustable. One should be able to differentiate between people because at the end of the day you will end up getting hurt when they take advantage of your naive behavior. If you tend to get close to people too fast, you should probably first learn to understand the intentions of people. Take time to decide who is right for you and who is not.

#7. Learn To Identify Liars

When you meet someone new, it is all fresh, new and exciting. However, you need to beware of the liars. Some people are very good at playing mind games with others. Therefore, it becomes essential to learn to identify who is lying and who is being honest. People can become deceitful these days without any reason. But body language can certainly tell a lot about dishonesty. It can indicate the truth. So, being naive will not help in such cases. You should be smart enough to understand when is the other person lying to you and stop them right there.

#8. Talk Less, Listen And Observe More

In order to know someone from the ground level, you need to observe them patiently. Just talking endlessly will not let you know much about a person. Naive individuals can lag a little behind in the skill of observation. Therefore, listen to people more than you speak because it lets you observe their honest personality. Don’t let anyone know your personal and vulnerable side until you have spent enough time with them to trust them blindly. Consider everything you say before you speak.

#9. Observe Everyone And Everything

The skill of knowing people comes by observing them as we discussed above. There can be a lot of difference between what people feel and what they say. Therefore, a naive person should observe everything they do and their words in order to play safe with such people. 55%of the communication that you have with someone is done by body language. Words include just 7% of its weight these days. Therefore, observe everything to know the real motive of someone.

#10. Realize That You Can’t Help Everyone

Since naive people are extremely honest and innocent, they try to fix the problem of every person around them. The naive individuals are happy helping people, loving them and believing in them. However, you cannot take the risk of helping and believing everyone else around you. In order to become less naive, start realizing the fact that everyone is responsible for their problems and behavior. You can’t and won’t be able to help everyone around you. Trying to fix people will just make your own life messier.

#11. Build Confidence In Yourself

Even if you are naive, the significant thing that you should do is to believe in yourself more than anyone else. Every individual has something new and unique to offer to the world. In fact, naive people should build more confidence in themselves than other people as they are productive in themselves as well. Second-guessing yourself should be the last thing an individual should do. You should learn to accept yourself the way you actually and naturally are.

#12. Don’t Be Afraid To Ask Questions

If you have a query, that naturally, every individual has, you should have the courage to ask them. There should be no shame or fear in asking relevant questions. Whether you are at work, at home, with friends or with your boyfriend and girlfriend, you should ask whatever you think should be answered and you don’t understand. Asking questions will improve your knowledge and make you more aware of everything around. Become a sponge and grasp as much as you can.

#13. Trust Yourself, Not Others

Never let anyone else define or decide what you are. Relying completely on the choices of others can make a slave of other’s opinion. Naive individuals are innocent of course. However, don’t let your innocence take over your intelligence and self-confidence. You can change yourself when you feel like not when people think you should change. Also, if someone else thinks that you are naive, that does not prove you are. A human being can improve themselves whenever they wish to. It is never too late, so don’t shy away to trust your instincts by totally believing in others.

#14. Try Some Edgier Activities

As we discussed earlier as well, you need to come out of your comfort zone in order to stop being naive. This doesn't mean that you should go for crazy stunts, but opt for something that you wanted to do but didn’t because you were afraid to get out of your comfort zone. Edgy can be anything. It actually depends on the individual. Just verify what you are getting into and then you can go for it. You can do whatever you feel should be done to get out of the comfortable shelter.

#15. Give Yourself Some Time

Remember, you can’t expect yourself to become a smart human being by being naive. The habits will take time to change, so will you. Take time to adjust to the changes and don’t judge yourself until the time you don’t feel confident to do that. Allow time to take its actions according to its pace, and gradually you will be all sorted.

Transformation does not occur overnight. This article can help you to change your attitude and perspective towards life. You can also add your suggestions by commenting in the comment box below:

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