We should think once before speaking something to others.

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We should think once before speaking something to others.

Most people have the tendency to shout on others without any reason, It’s in their daily habits. Whether the person has done something wrong or not, we keep yelling at them without even listening to them what they want to tell. Nobody even thinks of the mental pressure which the other person is going through. It’s our responsibility to even think once before speaking anything to others.

It might be that the person whom who are yelling at is suffering from problems or is in such a situation that he is not able to cope up with you but that doesn’t mean that we start taking advantage of his not speaking and keep yelling at him. Everyone speaks what they think but before speaking any word or any sentence we should once think of how that word will affect him or her. Some people have the habit of shouting or abusing rickshaw wall's, sweepers, grocery man etc. and without even seeing them what they do regularly to earn money, how much they put their effort into their work without even noticing it we abuse them. Ask to your hearts is it right? You have the money, power and so on but that doesn’t mean you shout and show your anger to people who are below you. Well nobody has given us the right to do so.

Some people admit it too that in anger they lose their controls and they don’t know what they are speaking to the other. But in anger too, we should keep a controlBut in anger too, we should keep a control to our mouths. We don’t know exactly what might hurt the person in front of us. There were many cases where people committed suicide just because they were hurt by someone’s word. It’s mandatory to keep in notice what we are speaking to others. Suppose if your mom scolds you very badly in personal how would you feel? Many also have the habit of insulting or speaking badly in front of others and believe me nothing is more hurting than that. We should mind our words before letting them out and just think the feel of the other person’s pain that will be caused by your words.

Every time it is said “think before you speak” and it’s not just a saying. Be it anybody from a sweeper to a rich class man, we should keep in notice what we are speaking or are about to speak. Your character is judged by your words. Everybody has the potential of bringing smiles to faces so use that thing in a positive way, not in negative. Have control to your mouth and just think about the other side once before speaking and yes words hurt more than actions. take care of your words before bringing them out of our mouth.

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