What Do You Think Is the Most Difficult Part About Being Married?

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What Do You Think Is the Most Difficult Part About Being Married?

Marriage as a whole is a perfect ideology for the mankind. However, there are certain parts in the same that make it a difficult relationship. For a few people, communication is the most significant aspect for marriages to excel. But that’s exactly where they lack.  

However, for me, adapting to the constantly ongoing changes was the intricate part. As soon as my honeymoon phase ended, I witnessed an altogether different kind of a reality. The hope that he would change for the betterment of our relationship, took the marriage into a different direction.

But yes, I dealt with the situation in a pretty mature way and now things are under control. Although, not on the right track, but somewhat close to the same. So, I want to ask you, what are the other aspects of a marriage that make this relationship a hard one? And do you have any solution for the same?

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Adjustments. Marriage is all about adjustments but once you adjust to each other they pay off as you cannot be happy all by yourself. 

There are many things but if you stand with your partner and talk to them, things will fall into place. 

The most difficult part in a marriage is that you have to involve your partner in every decision even if it is only about you.

In my relationship, insecurity overpowered our affection and care for each other. Jealousy is like a disease. It takes no time to dwell but takes extensive efforts to alleviate. 

The worst part of being married is living with the in-laws and the extended family of your husband.

Your decision involves few more people. Thus, you have to think of the consequences now. 

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