How to Keep Romance Alive after having Children?

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How to Keep Romance Alive after having Children?

Having children is one of the most pleasurable aspects of life. Children add a magical element with their innocent presence and the home becomes a heaven. Yet there's one thing that affects the couples, in general, and it's their privacy. No matter how happy and content a child keeps them, it also demands a lot of attention which, in turn, affects their romantic personal life.

Do you have any suggestions or tips to rekindle the lost romance in the couples life after having children to keep the relationship young and strong? 

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Make date night schedules and stick to those. Take that romantic stroll when the baby is in deep sleep. Don't spoil your kids but spoil your spouse. At times, let them feel like a priority even after having kids. Let PDA seep in, there's no harm. Keep that closeness a part of your relationship. And at the end, it's up to you keep transitioning from mommy/ daddy mode to the sensual wify or passionate husband mode. 

Having a child is no excuse to ignore your partner. You and your partner should make sure to give each other the quality time that you deserve. 

It's all about sparing some time for your partner. Sure, a child does demand time and attention, but there is nothing that you can't make work.

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