Best Tips For The Hindu Wedding Cards Online!

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Best Tips For The Hindu Wedding Cards Online!

We live in a religious and cultural country named India. Here, culture, religion and heritage are given equal importance. Right from the birth of a child till the last carriage to funeral, it is all about rituals which is maintained by people from every religion in and across the country. Every ritual carried out has got some significance. We Indians believe that all these things which is totally out of belief, brings glory to our family and friends and are of immense joy.

Now talking about the Hindu wedding, which is not an exception in this case. This religion also maintains some of the very popular and doctrinal rituals when it comes to wedding or anything related to that. Keeping this in mind the modern era designers curve out something innovative yet traditional for them and has created Hindu Wedding Cards Online. You can always notice some characteristic features on the cards in any Hindu wedding.

Noticeable tips in Hindu Wedding Cards Online –

Mythological characters or signs – In the Hindu mythology you will find 33 crore gods and goddesses altogether. May be today technology has come up with various changes but any Hindu family will prefer that the wedding card shall up hold at least one image of the god or goddess whom they follow. If not that then at least a mythological sign of Swastika or something similar shall definitely be imprinted.

New variations – With the change in time and technology, the new generation of young couples want some new variations in their wedding cards along with a traditional touch.

Preferable colors – In a Hindu wedding, red is considered to be the most pure color which can be used in anything, starting from the Hindu Wedding Cards Online to anything related to wedding. Black or any of its shades is the only color which according to Hindu religion opposes red.

Preferable wordings – We all have heard of or have seen a Hindu wedding card starting with the name of a god or goddess or even with some slokas, like – “Jaididang Hridayang Mamo, Tadidang Hridayang Tabo…”

These are the things preferred by the Hindu religion. They try to follow the exact rituals that their ancestors have had done before them. They think that these will bring blessings to the new couple and to the family as well.

Author bio – Hi, I am Rakesh. I thank on behalf of my entire family,friends and relatives for designing the wonderful card on my brother’s wedding.

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