Do Cartoons have any Positive Effects on Children?

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Do Cartoons have any Positive Effects on Children?

Watching cartoons is a part of every kid’s life. Watching television implies watching cartoons. Many parents even use the medium of cartoons to keep their kids engaged during their work hours. But is watching cartoon good for you?

Read the article below to find out the numerous effects that cartoon has on your kid.

Impact Of Cartoons On Society

The brain of a child is ever wandering, trying to pick up new things from their environment and absorbing them quickly. Television is a part of their immediate atmosphere, and therefore cartoons become a central part of their everyday life.

Positive Effect Of Cartoons On Child's Development

Cartoons might be just imaginary animated characters, but for a kid, it holds much more importance. Watching cartoons regularly influences their minds and certainly their behavior to a larger extent. Most psychological experts and doctors recommend parents to permit their kids to watch cartoons. Here are some of the benefits of watching cartoons.

#1. Laugh It Out

Cartoons are defined as funny animated characters that are meant to make their audience laugh. They behave in a manner that makes the kids laugh. Laughing keeps your kid healthy by regulating the blood circulation, and therefore they should watch funny and interesting cartoon.

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#2. Positive Message

There are certain characters like Popeye the sailor man, who educated the kids about the benefits of eating spinach, similarly Noddy, the cute little driver spread the message of helping one another in need. These cartoon characters, with their own funny charms, influence the behavior of kids to a great extent.

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#3. Health Benefits

Can you even imagine that watching cartoons is good for your heart? Yes, cartoon characters can help in reducing the possibilities of heart attacks because these funny chaps become a source of happiness and excitement in one’s life. Laughing leads to the production of endorphin which is imperative for the heart and the mind. A stress-free body will attract positive energies, hence keeping diseases away.

#4. Informative

It’s a well-known fact that a visual presentation is way more effective and attractive than the theoretical version. A child is more likely to remember things that they watch instead of what they read. Henceforth, schools have opted for cartoon film screenings instead of book readings to educate children. Watching cartoons are both, entertaining and informative at the same time.

Demerits Of Watching Cartoons

The merits or positive effects of watching cartoons have been discussed above, so let’s focus on some of its demerits.

#1. Learning

Children associate with cartoon characters more willingly than their own parents, and therefore tend to inculcate what’s been taught by the cartoons instead of adults.

#2. Aggression

Apart from being funny, there are cartoons which have an aggressive side. Cartoons like Doraemon and Dragon Ball Z have characters that are usually very aggressive and use violent means to win over other characters. This affects the kids in a negative manner.  

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#3. Weak Eyesight  

Watching cartoons is good for your kid’s health, but too much of it would obviously effect inversely. Spending too many hours in front of the television will have an adverse effect on your kid's eyesight. Attention deficit order is another health issue that is quite common in kids that over watch TV. 

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Benefits Of Watching Cartoons For Adults 

Just like children, adults too can have a good time watching cartoons. Just because they are funny animated characters does not imply that grownups cannot enjoy a little laugh riot. In addition to entertainment, cartoons help adults in:

#. Adapting good qualities

#. Learning some life lessons

#. Giving yourself a short break

Do you like to watch cartoons? Let us know in the comment section below.

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