A 2017 movie on Emojis : "The Emoji Movie"

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A 2017 movie on Emojis : "The Emoji Movie"

The Emoji movie which was previously named as Emoji movie: Express Yourself is a 3D animated movie which has been directed by Tony Leondis.

The upcoming Hollywood movie has been written by Eric Siegel, Mike White, and Leondis. Rob Riggle, Steven Wright, and Patric Steven among others have given voices to different characters in this movie. The movie is to be released on August 4  and is being produced by Sony Pictures Animation.

The movie will be an interesting mix of emotions and will centre on the character of Gene who is a multi-expressional Emoji. He embarks on a journey to become a normal Emoji and the story is centered on this struggle only.

Movie cast- The movie features T. J. Miller and Ilana Glazer who plays the role of a code breaker Emoji. Apart from these the movie will have multiple Emoji characters including James Corden, Maya Rudolph and Rob Riggle to name a few.

The movie had been in a production war for few years with Sony Pictures Animation finally getting the rights to produce the same. A teaser trailer for the movie was also released on December 20, 2016.

The movie which was earlier scheduled for a release on August 11, 2017, will hit the theaters on August 4th this year.

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