Why is Caillou Bald?

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Why is Caillou Bald?

Caillou has been a friend of Canadian kids for two decades now. Since first premiering in 1997, the cartoon has made countless kids laugh and adults mad with his antics. But whether you talk about children or their parents, all of them have one question they want an answer to; why is Caillou bald?

why is Caillou bald?

Even at four years of age, Caillou is just as bald as he was on the day he was born. An urban legend associated with the cartoon said that there is a hidden story and the reason why Caillou is bald headed is that he has cancer. That has led to many parents not letting their children watch the show about a child who is suffering from cancer.

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Caillou having cancer is the most common belief about the baldness of the character, and since he is going through treatment, he has no hair. Some also say that it is because of the reason he is sick that his parents let him get away with anything. They just can’t bear to say no to their child who is suffering from a deadly disease.

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The makers of the show, who consistently emphasize on that the fact that Caillou is not suffering from cancer, have also given their reason as to why they made him bald. As per them, by being bald, Caillou can “represent all kids,” but this theory hasn’t gone down with the masses.

Another reason that the people behind that show and book on which the show is based have given is that in the original book, he was nine months old, an age where kids usually do not have hair. They wanted to make the cartoon character just like he was showcased in the books, so they kept him bald. The makers feared that if they showed Caillou with hair as he grew up, it would not be recognizable by most of the viewers. 

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Are you satisfied with the answer? Do you like Caillou? What do you think is the real reason that he is bald? Share your views and opinions with us through the dedicated comment section that we have for you below. We love to hear from you.

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