What are some good Puppet movies?

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What are some good Puppet movies?

From the Puppet master to the Dark Crystals, there are a plethora of movies for those who enjoy watching puppetry. Have you watched any?

Personally, I am a great fan of puppet movies. They are a perfect amalgamation of animation with reality and offer an entertaining experience. However, lately, I haven't been finding good movies on puppets. If you own an interesting list to share, comment in the box below. 

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Some of the best puppet movies that you could watch are as follows:-Puppet master, Gremlins, Puppet Master with its sequels, Dead silence and more. You can find Puppet movies in various genres like horror, comedy, thriller and more. You could watch it. They are really fascinating. My favorite puppet movie is Gremlins. I love to watch it over and over again.

GO for any movie from the Toy Story series. 

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