7 Most Gruesome And Famous Serial Killers

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7 Most Gruesome And Famous Serial Killers

Murder is an appalling crime and though many blockbuster noir movies are written in grim and blood, the true tales of some of the most infamous serial killers are so grotesque that even the most gruesome horror/thriller tales cannot hold a candle to their real life crimes.

Here is a list of some of the most vicious, cunning and even charming serial killers that the world has ever witnessed:

#1.Ted Bundy:

Theodore Robert Bundy is the man who started it all, there was obviously a long line of serial killers who preceded him but it was Ted who was the reason why the term serial killer was coined in the first place. Handsome and devilishly charming, it was hard for anyone to believe that such an intelligent and well-educated man would ever take someone’s life. But shockingly he did and no less than 30 times, he raped, strangled, mutilated his victims and even took part in necrophilia, sometimes returning several days later to have sex with a decomposing body. According to some, this sadistic sociopath was triggered after a failed romance with a woman called Stephanie Brooks, most of his victims had her physical attributes. He, despite his crimes, has a huge popularity and is a cultural figure with a few movies made on him.

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#2. Charles Manson:

What would be a list of serial killers without this name that despite his notoriety has become an icon in the USA? Charles Manson may have never killed himself but he was the mastermind behind luring impressionable minds into his cult and brainwashing them into murdering a whole lot of people; especially celebrities. The 1960s was indeed a strange time in America when the use of psychedelic was high and the rock and hippie movements were strong. In this harmonious phase when people were a lot more trusting of each other, Charles Manson and his cult struck the safely cocooned Hollywood celebrities with his evil intents. His most infamous killing was the slaying of a heavily pregnant Sharon Tate. He and his disciples murdered around 35 people and despite being behind bars, Manson is a popular figure among people and has been an inspiration behind a lot of movies and work of art. The famous singer Marilyn Manson took his stage name based on two iconic figures, one of it was Charles Manson.

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#3.Jeffrey Dahmer:

Jeffrey Dahmer was a deeply troubled soul and in order to exorcise the demons that plagued him, he killed people. The only thing is that just murdering people was not enough for Dahmer; he lured men his age and at times teens to his home where he sedated them, mutilated them, performed sexual acts on the dead bodies, kept the organs as special mementos and even ate some of them. Perhaps words would falter at the depravity of his crimes and one would really wonder as to what limits a man can cross to fulfill his twisted desires. Jeffrey is famously called the Milwaukee Cannibal and has a movie based on him. He was put on trial and killed by an inmate while serving his sentence.

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#4. Andrei Chikatilo:

This Soviet serial killer had confessed to the murder, sexual assault and mutilation of almost 56 people. Chikatilo had a troubled adolescence and was often ridiculed for his sexual experience at the age of 15 that ended too quickly. Painfully shy and suffering from an erectile dysfunction, Andrei turned towards sexual violence in order to overcome the humiliation. He evaded authorities for a long time and continued luring his victims, some as young as 9 to rape and murder them. He would often gouge out the eyes of his victim, eat the sexual organs or remove body parts such as nose or tongue with the help of a knife. His behavior in the court during his trial was also outlandish and earned him the title of a maniac.

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#5. Aileen Wuornos:

Many of us have seen the movie Monster that helped Charlize Theron win an Academy Award but the most gruesome part of that movie was that it was based on a real-life killer Aileen Wuornos who robbed and murdered 7 men. Aileen had a violent and abusive childhood where she was a victim of sexual abuse and thrown out of her home as a teen. She made her living as a sex worker and was once arrested on charges of assault and disorderly conduct. Aileen was also in a romantic relationship with a woman called Tyria Moore whom she had met in Daytona. Aileen murdered these men and dumped their bodies that were later discovered; she later cited the reason for one of the killings as self-defense. She was executed by lethal injections in 2002 but her life continues to fascinate people.

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#6. Charles Sobhraj:

What is it about such twisted minds that they end up charming their way into the hearts of gullible people? The strange case of Charles Sobhraj only adds to this mystery. Deemed as a skilled manipulator and vicious killer he was given the name of Bikini Killer. Unlike others from of his infamous tribe who killed because of a trauma or past horrors, Sobhraj murdered for the thrill of it. The half Indian-half Vietnamese killer accumulated money through scams and burglaries. Many of his victims were strangled or poisoned and then burned and drowned in the sea. Despite the gravity of his crime, he rose to a celebrity status and married a much younger woman in 2008 who was also a participant in a reality show.

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#7. Tsutomu Miyazaki:

This man earned himself the title of The Little Girl Murderer or Dracula Miyazaki. His crimes would make you question your faith in humanity. Tsutomu abducted little girls, murdered them and then had sexual intercourse with them. Not unlike other killers, he had a difficult childhood where he was mocked by his peers and that made him a withdrawn and moody child. His mind slowly turned towards sex, torture, and gore and when makes believe fantasy didn't fulfill his needs he turned to crime. He not only indulged in necrophilia but also drank his victim's blood and at times consumed their body organ.

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