Is Crime has declined because of technology?

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What you think Is Crime has declined because of technology?

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It's the same way the other way around... The criminals have it easier too.

Crime has dropped because of technology but there are still miles to go before it helps society become crime free. Cctv's camera in atms and shops has helped police find criminals with ease. Tracking them down and nabbing them has become faster and cheaper. More than that the widespread use of mobile phone and social media never keeps anything from public and has helped in improving the moral compass where people really understand how the world works and are taking more and more responsibility of their actions. People often get greedy when they compare themselves to other people and often feel ashamed which is only brought on by themselves and reacting to this self conceived humiliation is often the source of crime. Another source of crime is desperation when people are so poor that they have no other  choice but to steal food or money so that they can fulfill their hunger. The government has to take full responsibility of this and can use the help of technology as  software and statisticians can easily tell the number of people in a given area and how much money they have. A government which is willing to act for the good of  the people and is ably supported by technology can bring down crime by employing the people who are unemployed and just turn all data positive as they redistribute wealth.  

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