Where is Area 51?

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Where is Area 51?

Aliens have always been a fascinating subject for everyone and the heated debated on their existence has been going on for decades. While some maintain that the third kind has visited our planet, the skeptics chose to differ due to the lack of concrete proof.

Though various UFO conspiracies theories have been rife on the matter of alien existence, there is a land which is well known yet mysterious in its existence called Area 51. A lot has been said about this strange piece of land that is cornered off to all public and has been the ground for many bizarre speculations. 

Where is Area 51?

Right in the heart of the barren terrains of Nevada desert lies an unmarked road, this road leads to a destination that is considered to be the base of US militaries secret operations, most of which concern the extra terrestrials. This mythical land exists and is under scrutiny and is heavily guarded. Though to an outsider, the only thing shielding off this place is a chain link fence, a boom gate, and a trespasser sign, the truth is very different. Area 51 has security cameras situated on the near hilltop that according to few are so proficient that they know about every desert animal that crosses the fence. 

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History of Area 51

Every legend has a theory in basis, and so does the infamous area 51. There is a direct connection between the Area 51 and the development of the U-2 Reconnaissance aircraft. It was during World War 2 that the Soviet Union had managed to create an almost near intelligence blackout to the rest of the world. Their technology and ability to be able to launch surprise attacks had given the USA  a lot to worry about. The tensions with USSR had escalated just a decade after the Pearl Harbour attack and to prevent any such surprise attacks in the future, the USA army started sending low-flying aircraft on reconnaissance missions over the USSR, though the danger of being shot down loomed large over these aircraft.  Keeping this in mind, President Eisenhower in the 1950s gave his approval for the secret development of high altitude Reconnaissance aircraft which was called the U-2 program. Being a top secret military exercise, the first and the foremost requirement was to find a remote place for training. Hense, this mysterious place called Area 51 came into being, and its nowhere location made it the best place for secret military operations. 

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UFO Conspiracies Theories

Despite a lot being known about the history of area 51, it is still best known for being the center of alien activities. A lot of flying objects have been located hovering around this location, and there are video proofs that give a hazy view of strange looking saucer shaped objects found in the sky. Many conspiracy theorists and UFOlogists have maintained since the early 1900s that the base contains a lot of hidden alien technology. Even the government had refused to acknowledge the existence of this place until 2013. People like Boyd Bushman, a senior scientist who worked for Lockheed Martin, fuelled these theories. Boyd maintains that the base is, in reality, a place where alien technology and spacecraft are secretly stored and examined.

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What are your views on the whole alien mystery, do you think UFOs really exist and whether their purpose of the visit is noble or sinister. Give your views on the this highly interesting subject in the comment box given below and let us know whether you are a believer or a skeptic.

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