How to Survive End of the World?

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How to Survive End of the World?

You can blame the Mayans or the old biblical texts, but the truth remains the same. We, humans, are obsessed with the end of the world. We waited with bated breath to know what will happen on the night of 2012 and a few months later we were getting excited about another apocalypse story.

Though, if we suspend our disbelief for some time and actually think of an event where an asteroid will hit the Earth or a flood will wash away all metropolitan cities, the question that arises is that how will we ever survive it?

How to Survive End of the World 

If we look around us, the world is an upheaval. We are plagued with so many wars, diseases, and crisis that humankind is bent on destroying each other. This situation, if not brought under control, would surely put an end of the world. In such a case, the apocalypse would not look like a work of an overactive imagination but would be a serious reality and survival would be our utmost priority. There are some ways in which you can prepare yourself for the end and here are a few:

#1. Signal For Help 

Not just a hypothetical apocalypse but any natural disaster needs a strong presence of mind if you wish to escape. The first thing to do is to signal for help; you can whistle loudly if you are in a situation where your body is stuck and you cannot move. A one-two-three, pause, one-two-three pattern is easily recognizable and will get the attention of the people. If not then anything that can grab the attention of people and let them know you are stranded works, from a mirror to even a bright color construction tape.

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#2. Use Your Car As A Generator

Car electricity runs on direct current, and all you need is an inverted which many cars have built in. If not, you can get one at a store for less than $40. You need to attach the inverter directly to the terminal of your car battery by using clamps. Let the car run at idle and you will have AC power for as long as you have gas. If you have a 300- watt inverter, you can get enough amp even to run a laptop. This could be really useful in dire situations.

In case you are stuck in water then there are things that you need to keep in mind in order to survive :

#1. The first is that you need to control your breath and relax instead of panicking. This is because panicking wastes energy.

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#2. You need to keep moving irrespective of the fact that you are making progress. If you stop, you will lose precious body heat.

#3. Keep flexing your hand as the earliest sign of hypothermia are claw hands. You will not survive for long if this condition sets in so flex your fingers to keep the blood flowing.

Date When The World Will End 

Though there is no specific proof as to when the world will end, the Catholic group prophesies that it will happen and one needs to read the Bible in order to know it. The holy book says that “Concerning that day and hour nobody knows, neither the angels of the heavens nor the Son, but only the Father.” (Matthew 24:36, 42) Jesus further adds that the hour would be unexpected, according to him it will be, “at an hour that you do not think to be it.”—Matthew 24:44.

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Regarding what NASA has to say about the end of the world, they have always maintained it to be a hoax. Please leave your feedback in the comment box below.

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Yes, It Is Very Near

Our world could end at any time and there are a number of things that could lead to it. Maybe there will be a nuclear war which would alter the atmosphere that we live in and make it difficult for most species to survive on earth or a comet or asteroid would hit our planet and wipe us all out. Dinosaurs ruled on our planet for millions of years but were wiped out in a single event. Who's to say that such an event won't happen again? The bottom line is that even if we don't kill each other, a natural disaster on a global scale is inevitable. Let us hope that before the day comes, we have found another home in the universe and the species would thrive. 

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