How to play "Dice With Buddies" Game?

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How to play "Dice With Buddies" Game?

Are you on the lookout for a game that will keep you hooked? Do you want to play something that challenges you? Do wish to play a game which you can simply access on your phone, on the go, without any hassle?The android game by Scopely, known as Dice and Buddies is the most appropriate option for you. 

This is exactly what you are looking for. It is challenging, will require you use a lot of strategies and engage in mental exercise at the same time, along with offering massive entertainment.

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The Two Reasons Why You Will Like This Game Are

#1. You can choose to play this game with your family members, friends and all other people from all around the world.

#2. The more the number of dice and XP’s you earn in this game gives you the option to personalize the game with customized dice for yourself.

How To Play This Game

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Here are some strategies and cheats to help you play the game more effectively and have fun while doing so.

#1. You need to know your combinations well. One of the best ways to keep yourself ahead of the others is to keep a good track of the combinations. On the upper half, you are playing with a combination of dice which the same numbers. For example two 3’s, four 5’s, one 4 etc. The bottom half deals with combinations that are special and have special values assigned to them. There is a chance row at the bottom; any combination of dice can be played in this row.

#2. Another strategy you can use is playing the second half first. This game is not all about luck, a lot of strategies is involved in this game. Why you need to play the bottom half first, is because it involves many difficult, crucial stages that may take up more time. You will probably not want to get stuck at last few stages. This will help you to clear the complicated stages first and the take up all the easy steps and finish fast. This might cause you to end up with combinations that are not good enough and may not fetch you points.

#3. You can do the following to get bonus rolls or more dice. Dice is an essential currency of this game which helps you to get into special. These special events are where you can win more bonus rolls if you do good enough to qualify. You can watch advertisements, videos and also watch special offers which will help you get bonus rolls and dice.

#4. In case you are facing other human players you can make a good use of the bonus rolls. These will help you save and hide and change the game in your favor.

#5. You can choose to play bonus five of the same kind under a full house. This can be a game changer for you; it will get you 75 points, including 25 for a full house and 50 points in bonus. It means a straight 75 if you play five of one house.

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Do let us know how much you enjoy playing this game? Comment in the box below to let us know your thoughts.

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