Xbox one vs Xbox 360

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Xbox one vs Xbox 360

Xbox One gives better performance compared to previous model Xbox 360 because Microsoft has resolved all the issues which were present in the previous model.

Microsoft's latest game console is much faster than Xbox 360 and gives satisfactory experience to the users. It uses AMD Jaguar processor technology with eight CPU cores and processing speed of 1.75 Ghz. Playing high definition games in Xbox One is now more exciting as it utilizes GPU found in Radeon HD 7790, while it consists of 12 GCN compute units to play with. It supports 8 GB DDR3 RAM with 2133 MHz speed. An important feature of Xbox One over Xbox 360 is that it uses a 32 MB ESRAM cache for flawless data transfer.

If Microsoft would not release the latest version of gaming console, then the user would unable to get high satisfaction in playing the newer games such as Tom Clancy's The Division, Halo: MCC, Rainbow Six Siegi, Dark Souls 3 etc.

Xbox One is easily expandable as it comes with two USB 3.0 ports, Ethernet port, two HDMI sockets and a port for Kinect. You can connect your game console with to your television and also connect it to the Virgin/Sky set-top-box, which enable you to receive the TV signal via Xbox One.

The main advantage of Xbox One is that you can increase its storage capacity up to 4 TB by connecting external hard disk. Now, you can store many games at a time without deleting your older games. Adding external hard disk also increase the speed of loading a new game.

So, don't worry as your Xbox One has only 500 GB hard disk and which is almost occupied. Just get an external hard disk and plug it into the USB 3.0 port, configure it and start playing your high-end games.

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Xbox One

I prefer Xbox One rather than Xbox 360.

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