What is the Blue Whale game?

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What is the Blue Whale game?

Have you heard about the Blue whale game? Do you what the game stands for? Unlike other games that are fun and interactive, this game is rather considered to be a suicide game.

Emerging as a trend on the internet, it envelopes young innocent children's interest by challenging them to participate in daredevil acts and record a clip of the same as proof. The last task of the game involves taking the extreme step of ending their life while filming the suicide in order to emerge as a winner. 

Should parents be cautious about this game? What do you have to say about this suicide game? Drop your comments in the box below!

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This is one the most disturbing trends out there. People should make sure that their kids do not "play" this "game". I personally think that the ones who started this should be put behind bars and children should be made to understand the repercussions of this game!

The Blue whale is a video game. It is yet to be found out about the maker of this game. It is getting highly contagious for the kids who are playing it. This consists of 50 dares. These can be either to injure yourself or do things out of one’s reach. It is really an unhealthy video game. While playing this game, there will be many instances where the player will get dares in order to test the trustworthiness. The kids who have played it have started to commit suicide; this is because the game gives a dare to its player to commit suicide at the end of 50th day. It is recommended that you please do not play this game. It can get you to the doors of no-see-ever-again!

Well, first Russia gave us Russian Roulette and now this. Any game that involves a person ending their lives or endangering it at someone's behest is certainly not a good or safe game, irrespective of adults or kids involved. Though, the fact that kids are involved in such terrible games is a cause of worry. Parents should be cautious of such games and make sure that they let their kids know that these things can be fatal and life is not be gambled away like this. Moreover, no sane person should play or promote such ridiculous games.  

The person sitting in Russia is probably not normal, a psychotic for sure! Otherwise, who would love to construct games to diminish man kind? The game has some excruciating challenges which are impossible to complete for sane being at least. Every parent must make sure as not to let their child get this game also the government of India has taken a right decision of banning this game! Kudos to their wise step!

This game seems to have originated in Russia. This is an extremely dangerous game, that encourages its players to harm themselves. Re[ports say that the game has about 50 levels, in which the last level is for the player to take his/her own life. In fact, the game has already taken a lot of lives around the world already.

Parents should ensure that their kids do not sign up for this game! It's a fatal game and would only result in loss of lives and depression among people. Thus, it's a sincere request to parents to monitor their child's activities on the internet and spend quality time with them, to ensure that they do not introduce themselves to such nonsensical games.

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