Importance of Defining Your Target Audience in Digital Marketing

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Importance of Defining Your Target Audience in Digital Marketing

Businesses can make digital marketing campaign a big hit by identifying their target market. Online marketing campaigns are designed for a particular target market help companies in delivering the best business outcome.

Writing a compelling call-to-action message encourages prospective customers to buy your product or service, which adds value to online business sale. Leading digital marketing services in the USA assist the companies in designing audience-centric advertising campaigns which yield best results in the form of increased online sales. According to the Digital Marketing Report Q3, 2017- defining your target audience increases the likelihood of your successful marketing campaign by 60%.  

A- Is Target Audience B2B or B2C?

The first step in defining your online audience is to see either it is a business audience or a consumer audience. Both audiences follow different approaches! In a business to business (B2B) market, products are sold from one company to another company. For a business sale, creating a “detailed persona” is a difficult task as it encompasses detailed profile information which at times companies fail to provide.

While on the other hand, business to consumer (B2C) market is a lot easier to create. Ideally, the creation of a customer or reader persona helps companies to direct their advertising to a target audience. For this companies need to have the answer to the following questions, which are as follows:

• Age of your ideal target audience

• Living vicinity

• Gender

• Religion, race, and orientation etc.

1- Conducting Surveys and receiving feedback

If your company already has a customer base then for the more niche advertising campaigns, all you can do is to ask the potential customers. Asking the right question from the right people can yield excellent results. It can be done through conducting surveys and asking customers about their preference. Also receiving feedback from the customers on the already market available products also add value in designing customer-centric products.

2- Usage of Data

Companies have already data regarding their prospective customers. Using that data to reach the existing customers and targeting the potential customers help companies in better identifying their online target customers with their prioritize preferences.

3- Facebook Ads to Find Your Audience

Facebook ads are yet another way to find your target audience. Usage of Facebook ads manager helps you in reaching your target audience with laser focus precision. Many companies are using this tool to reach out to their prospective customers.

4- Content’s Role in Identifying the Working Options

Content has a significant role to play in identifying the target customers. Content strategies are always customer-centric. They are written for a particular market. Google analytics data tell you what type of content is popular and what your site's visitors are looking for. In this way, you can make an intelligent guess about your target market. Usage of leading SEO services in USA help companies in writing an optimized content which can reach prospective customers directly.

5- Look at Your Competitors

Competitors' analysis benefits you in a whole lot different way. Looking at your competitor’s profile, if they have captured the larger audience, you need to upgrade the way you reach your targeted audiences online. You have to follow the kind of social posts they are doing and the crowd they attract. If your competitors are doing good then it means they are successful in reaching their target audience. Besides, they have done their complete research. Further, all you need to do is to follow the same methodology to meet your deadlines as well as goals.

6- Price Factor is Often Decisive

Another significant factor in identifying your target audience is through pricing factor. Pricing factor helps you in telling what kind of customers are looking for what kind of product. Price segregation companies in identifying the customer’s potential preferences.

B- Tools to Help You in Identifying Your Target Audience

Below-listed tools help companies in identifying their target market; let’s have a look at them.

• BuzzSumo- a tool which helps you in identifying the type of content which works best on social media

• Facebook Insights- this platform gives you a bright idea about who your target audience is and other demographic details.

• A Keyword Tool- is a foundational base for all of your research

C- Ways to Reach Your Target Market

There are two fundamental way of reaching out to your targeted audience; these are as follows:

• Creating Qualitative Content that Speaks to your Audience

• Targeting them with Media Buying Campaigns

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