How to Start Affiliate Marketing on Your Blog

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How to Start Affiliate Marketing on Your Blog

If you are a blogger posting regular content that is engaging for your audience, a fact that can be backed up by your monthly visitor stats, then you are already halfway there when it comes to setting up as an affiliate marketer. This is a relatively straightforward business model that can readily be applied to any competent enterprise-orientated blog. 

Here are the basic steps you need to take if you are serious about setting up an affiliate marketing program on your blog.


At the heart of any affiliate program lies the product or service you sign-up to promote as a third party on behalf of an advertiser or merchant. It goes without saying that selecting the product itself is one of the most crucial decisions you will need to make at the outset. They are our different ways of going about this.

In order to determine the products most likely to sell any great number, you need to undertake some basic market research. This could involve going online and using your trusty search engine to find out what the current market trends are. You could also refer to your social media outlets and keep an eye out for items that are creating a buzz. Then there are many online trade journals which can be referred to that will be discussing items of interest. A tried and tested method of keeping your finger on the pulse would be to visit Amazon, where you can easily find out lists of bestselling products.

But aside from having some idea of those products which are currently shifting the most, the most valuable resource you have is the blog itself. Your blog contents can be where you focus your promotional campaign. If you can discuss something with some authority then you can generate interest in it. Whatever you are regularly blogging about, if you can tie-in the product you will have a much better chance of attracting custom than simply posting hyperlinks. If you have already gained a repetition as an expert blogger in your field, by extension you can get recognized as an expert on your product.

Setting out your stall

Once upon a time, any blogger wishing to monetize their site would rely on cumbersome adverts, such as Adsense. These would provide a nominal amount of income any time a visitor clicked on certain links or banner advertisements. But that has become a very unreliable tool because of pop-up blockers and other types of software that destroy the limited power these adverts had. They also have a very detrimental look for the overall design of any blog.

It would be far better to make the content itself the most efficient aspect of your promotional campaign. It cannot be overstressed how important your blog content can be for your overall affiliate marketing strategy. If you can produce regular blog posts that engage your readership then you can subtly insert references to the product you are promoting. You can write favorable reviews or, better still, purchase a sample of the product yourself and arrange a video review. If you can post this onto your blog and invite your audience to like and share, in promotional terms this activity will be worth its weight in gold. You are effectively demonstrating to your readership how beneficial it would be for them to consider owning one of these items themselves.

As well as strong content, always be seeking to tap into the huge resources of a recognized cpa affiliate network. Here you will find all sorts of advice, as well as handy tools to help monetize your blog.

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