A promising career for those who love to write

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A promising career for those who love to write

For a writer by heart

Do you love to pen down your thoughts or share your experience through your write up? But you never thought of making your hobby as your profession, then this is the right article for you. Like most of us, even I wrote few blogs, some poetry here and there whenever I felt like. I never thought about writing as a career. I know that you are not quite sure about taking your passion to next level and making a career out of it. Well, it's not late, and today I will tell you what scope, your favorite hobby can unleash for you. Few of the topmost profession, a writer can take up are:

Content Writing

Writing content for any category for a website or blog is content writing. Content writing can be done in various forms such as:

  • • Article Writing
  • • Blog Writing
  • • News Updates
  • • Review Writing
  • • Story Writing
  • • Persuasive writing
  • • Academic Writing

Technical Writing

Documenting a hardware or software product is called technical writing. A technical writer understands the product and documents the product features and functionality to the end user. A technical writer is end user’s advocate. He interacts with the subject matter experts and created an end to end documentation for the end user.

There are various types of technical documents that are created for a product. Out of which the most frequently created documents are:

  • • Online Help
  • • User Guide
  • • Installation Guide
  • • Security Guide
  • • Release Notes
  • • Video Tutorial

Starting a Career in Technical Writing

To start a career in technical writing, one needs a certification or degree in Technical writing. There is various institution which provides certification in technical writing.

Instructional Designer

Instructional designing is another field which is very similar to technical writing. The difference is that Instructional designer creates training material and not the product documentation. An instructional designer must do a thorough audience analysis before they start developing the training material.

An instructional designer follows the guidelines and created documents based on the following Instructional Designing concepts:

  • • Gagne’s nine events of instruction
  • • Blooms taxonomy
  • • Kirkpatrick’s four level of evaluation

The most common types of training materials are as follows:

  • • Instructor-led training (ILT)
  • • Web-based training
  • • Blended Training

The common aspect of content writing, technical writing, and instructional designing is all the form of writing is user oriented.

But the difference is about the guidelines that are followed across the different field and the tools that are used to create content.

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