Is Makeup Artist Your Next Career? Here are 5 Top Reasons Why You Should

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Is Makeup Artist Your Next Career? Here are 5 Top Reasons Why You Should

The makeup industry has always been thriving—because why not? There are so many passionate people who are pursuing a makeup artist career, do you ever get curious about why? If you love to play with texture, colors, accents, to creating spooky makeups and improvise eccentric looks—you may probably want to consider exploring this career. Ever wonder what are the reasons why you should become a makeup artist? Keep on reading!

1.Fulfilling Transformation  

Makeup is all about transformation. This is the reason why makeup artists have satisfying and profitable careers. The happiness that you can get from giving a brow-less woman that brows on fleek she always wanted or helping a teenage girl on her most awaited prom day is such a gratifying job. As a beautician, you have the chance to give big smiles when people look in the mirror after you give them the makeover that they’ve always wanted ever since. Just think of rebuilding someone’s confidence and knowing that they feel beautiful inside and out again. They will not only love themselves more but you also get to love yourself because of making such difference in someone’s life.  

2. Earn Great Money and Huge Perks  

The financial benefits of a makeup artist are just one of the perks. As a professional makeup artist, you determine how much you think your time is worth. Did you know that the average rate of a makeup artist is around $600 to $800 a day and for weddings is $1500 a day? Your creativity pays really well. There are limitless opportunities along the way, you can become a go-to by famous celebrities, get known in the bridal industry, and you may get signed by photographer and agencies who customarily book makeup artists. You can openly choose which path you would like to take and eventually harvest the financial benefits.  

Plus, you can have a low start-up cost. Establishing your own professional makeup artistry is possible by starting with the smallest of budgets unlike other types of businesses that can cost around thousands of dollars, to begin with. This will be easier if you’re a makeup junkie and you already have most of the tools in your vanity area.  

3. Explore the World and Access on Certain Areas  

If you love to travel, then this is a huge perk for you! Plenty of makeup artists get to travel for work at least once or more in their jobs, and commonly their travel costs are refunded. Without spending a dime, you can go to a country or destination that you’ve always wanted to go just for a photo shoot. Just in case you’re not feeling the location of the shoot, you can always say no since you are your own boss.  

Not only that, you can have the access to private or VIP areas such as backstage at fashion shows, shoot for a movie, at the set of a television show, and even music festivals. Cool right?  

4. Free Schedule  

Since you are your own boss, aside from being free of picking which work you want to grab and when to take it, you also have your own schedule. Having a flexible schedule creates a fair career that’s manageable. You can take multiple jobs, transitioning from to another, so you don’t have to be left with dry and without income when you begin. Normally, it is common for your clients to adjust based on your availability. This is because of your own decision on the number of hours, how early or late you are willing to work and how many days you are available in a week. Gets more interesting, isn’t it?  

5. Trained Professionally  

If you have this career path in mind, it’s going to take you a lot of serious practice. In order to thrive in this industry, you might like to consider enrolling yourself in a makeup academy or attend makeup courses so you are guaranteed to get the best makeup training you’ll need and have continuous support from the academy that you attended. Although there are well-known makeup artists nowadays who were self-taught and made their names on their own, nothing greatly compares to be taught by the best and have a professional background. In this way, you can ensure your clients that their money is worth paying you and they are getting the best service that they can from you.  

You can get hands-on procedures and learn the importance of safety and sanitation of makeup. Also, get to learn advanced techniques from the courses and see how rewarding it would be in your life.  

So what are you waiting for? Think about all the possibilities you can get for every television show, movie, ads, magazines, weddings, and the like, that needs your work!  

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