8 Different Winged Eyeliner Styles That Would Accentuate Your Office Looks

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8 Different Winged Eyeliner Styles That Would Accentuate Your Office Looks

Eyes are the most prominent feature of your face and the best way to accentuate them is with the help of a good eyeliner. Well done eyeliner can change your entire look, it is that one style which can be played about in different ways. From one thin graceful stroke to the long sultry cat’s eye, it can easily redefine your appearance.

Let's face it, most of us stick to the simple old look and don’t experiment much when it comes to applying liners, especially at work. Now, who said that office has to be boring in the fashion department, just a bit of makeup can be a great way to add some glamor and freshness in your day. The fear of over doing it prevents us from trying something new, but you can put those fear to rest as we take you through some easy to do and flawless winged eyeliner styles:

Double-Winged Eyeliner

If you are tired of the old winged eyeliner and wish to make a statement then double winged eyeliner is a perfect choice. A great felt tip can easily help you get this look so break away the hesitancy and play with your entire look. 

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Cat Eyeliner

This look just screams sultry and works wonders. It has always been in vogue and can make you look extremely classy and mysterious with just a flick of your eyeliner brush. Team it with any outfit and go for a nude lip shade. Even if you wish to keep your makeup low key, the cat eye look will do all the magic. Simple yet sassy!  

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Colored Eyeliner

You don’t wear the same color outfit or lipstick every day, do you? Then why must you wear the same color eyeliner every day to work? It’s time to break that monotony and push your comfort zone a little. Bring out the vibrant range of colors in brown, gray, blue and green and paint your eyelids for a stunning look.

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Upside Down Cat Eye

In case you want to revamp the classic cat look then you can simply just turn it upside down. It’s definitely outside the box and yet, goes well at work. You can team it with any sort of makeup and look ravishing.

(Image Courtesy: Makeup Geek)

Slightly Smudged Cat Eye

That’s right, we aren’t asking you to go overboard with the smudging and make it a very smoky look but a slight smudge can do wonders to your regular cat eye. A softer dramatic look would bring out your eyes and will go well in the day time.

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Bold Winged Liner

If you want to stand out and going bold is your thing, then the bold winged eyeliner is just the right style for you. A simple upward flick from the outer corners of your eye and a line that goes from the inner corner towards the outer that can be filled with a liquid or gel and liner will do the trick.

                                                                                                      ( Image Courtesy: Makeup By Brooks)

Dual Shade Winged Liner

A contrasting look adds more appeal to your liner and is very easy to achieve. After drawing your regular winged eyeliner, just draw a thin line with a contrasting color and if you want, you can do the same on the lower lid.

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Graphic Eyeliner Look

This is not a look for the faint-hearted, mind you, but if you are ready to push the envelope just a little bit, then this style will revamp your entire look. You can experiment it in a lot of ways. Just a simple line upward towards the eye crease will be enough, to begin with. 

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So, it's time to chuck aside the old look and start experimenting!

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