5 Most Important Things Modern Women Love To Have In Their Bags

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5 Most Important Things Modern Women Love To Have In Their Bags

It is said that what women keep in their bags that make them so large is a mystery. Not quite. You should keep beauty items that are absolutely essential to have the fresh and intended look that you left your home in the morning. This is not to say that it should be brimming to the top.

We list out 5 beauty essentials to carry in your bag when you set out to conquer the world, and look great while doing it!

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1. Chapstick

Any chapstick or lip balm or muted lipstick is a must in your bag because let’s face it, you need to keep your look that you stepped out of your house with, intact. A chapstick is best when the weather is dry and your lips get chapped frequently. Instead of wetting your lips with saliva, carry a lip balm to protect the sensitive skin of lips and give it a nice light color.

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Celebrities like Lena Headey, Tiffani Thiessen, Jennifer Carpenter, Lucy Liu, and Christy Carlson Romano all keep lip balms or lipsticks in their bags. Nicki Minaj loves to have “at least 10” MAC lipsticks inside her bag! (It is okay, you can keep only one or two.)

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2. Compact Powder

The compact is the classic makeup item that all women must carry in their purses. The ‘powder room’ was invented just for this purpose –so that women can powder their face and refresh the look! If your skin produces a lot of oil, then this compact can even out any blemishes. Since carrying a foundation or concealer can be too cumbersome, a compact is an easy way to cover the blemishes and charge up your face. By the way, have you kept your portable charger in your bag?

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American actress Selma Blair carries a foundation compact to contour her face.

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3. Perfume/ Deodorant/Sprays

This is a must if you sweat a lot in summers and your nether regions contract odor. The body odor is the first thing that people would notice when they come near you, and that’s why it is important always to smell fresh and lovely. None of us like to be stuck in a crowded place where somebody stinks! There are small roll-ons and deodorant bottles that you can find in drugstores. Get one anti-humidity spray for your bag. Again, refreshing breath sprays are as important as any other beauty product that we discussed here.

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Beverly Hills, 90210 star Jennie Garth told Us Magazine, “My Jus D'Amour, or 'love juice,' perfume is a dude magnet. Men go crazy for the earthy, cedar smell, so I make sure I'm ready to attract attention whenever I wear it!”

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Denise Richards and Nicki Minaj also swear by deodorants in their bags.

4. Hand Sanitizer

If you have watched Contagion, then you probably already carry one in your bag right now. The world is a dirty place. No, really. Everything you touch may contain some virus or germs than can make your really, really sick. Why take a chance? Keep a small bottle of hand sanitizer with you at all times so whenever and especially when you are about to eat, you can dab some of it in your palms.

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Even Stevens actress Christy Carlson Romano keeps a Lysol hand sanitizer.

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5. Face Wash

Traveling in dust and grime can dirty your face quite easily, leading to ugly breakouts and accumulation of foreign particles in your pores. Always keep a face wash in your bag so you can wash your face and clean all the layers of pollution that you contracted outside. It will not only clean and freshen up your face but also energize you!

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Kim Kardashian West loves a good face wash and it shows on her skin that’s ever ready for the paparazzi.

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We have listed the main beauty products for summer that you can carry in your bag. We will keep updating the product list, only for you. Stay tuned.

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Opinions (6)
Face Wash

I am in a habit of washing my face very often so at least twice a day washing with a face wash is something essential for me!

Depends on the woman as well, if you are high maintenance then you will obviously need more items.

A chapstick, deodorant and compact are pretty much a must-have for every woman.  

Face Wash

These stars have a lot of money in their bags. Mention that too.


Delhi heat cannot do without a deo.. i definitely need it!


I never forget to keep a deodorant in my bag. Also, you forgot to mention tissue papers or wipes. 

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