How long does it take for a Sunburn to Heal?

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How long does it take for a Sunburn to Heal?

Who loves the beach? Are you madly in love with going to the beach? Or are you fond of traveling a lot and have managed to go on all kinds of travel trips?

Whether it is on a beach or it is on a wildlife safari, you are sure to be exposed to an enormous amount of heat and direct rays of the sun. You surely would not want to miss out on the opportunity to have a blast at the beach or have an adventure on a wildlife safari, just because you are afraid to experience sunburn all over your skin. Down below are some awesome ways in which you can beat the heat and protect your skin from sunburn, even when it is exposed to a huge amount of heat, what are the sunburn treatments? How long will it take for your sunburn to heal? and more.

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How Long It Takes For Sunburn To Heal?

How long sunburn will last for depends on the kind of sunburn you have. If it a mild sunburn, it will take a short span of time to heal, on the other hand, if you have a severe sunburn then it may take a longer period of time for your sunburn to heal. Mild sunburn will heal in a span of around three to five days. On the other hand, if you have very severe sunburn there is no specific amount of time it will take to heal completely. Depending on how severe it is, the span of time required to heal will increase.

What Can You Do To Soothe Your Sunburn?

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#1. One of the things you need to make sure you do before you go out in the sun is the fact that you apply a good sunscreen on all those parts of the body which are going to be directly exposed to the sun. Make sure it is not less than SPF30. The ones lower than this may not be very effective on the skin, and may not be able to provide proper protection from the huge amount of the heat that your skin is going to be exposed to.

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#2. Immediately after your skin is exposed to the heat, take a shower in cool water. This will surely give a very soothing feel to the skin and reduce the inflammation.

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#3. You can also apply ice on the affected areas. This will give a very soothing feeling to the skin. In case you are immediately not able to take a shower, you can apply an ice pack or simple ice.

#4. Too much exposure to the sun will damage the upper layer of the skin, the most you can do to protect it and make sure it will heal real fast, is apply moisturizer to all those parts of the body that are going to be exposed to the heat. What this will do is seal the layer of the skin that was damaged. This will prevent it from being infected or further damaged.

Have you ever experienced a severe sunburn? What have you done to heal it? What are the tricks you use to keep your skin healthy and have all the fun under the sun both at the same time? Please comment below and let us know your opinion.

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