What is BB Cream? How it is Different from CC & DD Cream?

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What is BB Cream? How it is Different from CC & DD Cream?

Gone are the days when you had to carry a tremendously heavy makeup kit - one product for each function. Now is the era of all-in-one BB cream benefits. You must have heard the name, and also about CC and DD creams. 

But what's the difference between BB cream and CC cream? How do BB cream and DD cream uses differ? Are there any best BB creams for oily skin? Moreover, what is BB cream - the foundation of all other creams?

What Is BB Cream?

BB cream is a popularly used cosmetic product that has all-in-one properties for providing the best-ever skin correcting benefits. It's one cream that acts as a primer, skin toner, sun protector, color corrector, moisturizer, a foundation expert and an anti-wrinkle formula. It comes in various skin shades, so one must choose the shade that would perfectly blend with their skin tone.

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BB Cream Benefits

#1. It's an all-in-one cream that saves on other multiple products.

#2. BB cream acts like a foundation, has the goodness of sunscreen and also corrects the skin tone. It has a more natural and full coverage look.

#3. Usually, BB creams are not oily and don't block your pores.

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#4. The product comes handy when lifestyle is pretty fast and hectic.

#5. It's a no-hassle product that also saves your expense on other cosmetics.

#6. Some BB creams also enrich your skin with essential vitamins and minerals.

#7. The cream works best to conceal your spots and hide your acne marks along with making you selfie-ready within no time.

Best BB Cream For Oily Skin

It's bound to be skeptical in choosing cosmetic products when you have a combination to oily skin. A product that leaves a matte effect might not be lighter to feel. Your skin could be exposed to acne or degeneration. Therefore, here are some of the best BB creams for oily skin. 

#1. No heavy face with the Clinique acne solutions BB cream having SPF 40

#2. A luxurious moisturizer by Nars velvet matte with SPF 30

#3. A must-have buy Bobbi Brown BB cream with SPF 35

#4. One-and-done Boscia BB cream with SPF 27 PA++

#5. Pore filling Physicians Formula #Instaready BB Cream without sun protection formula

#6. A Shrek green L'Oréal Paris magic skin beautifier which blends to reduce the redness of skin

#7. Heavy in benefits Garnier skin renew with SPF 20

#8. 16 shade BareMinerals complexion rescue with SPF 30

#9. Dr. Jart Dis-A-Pore with SPF 25 enriched with the goodness of hibiscus, chamomile, and peppermint

#10. Get wrinkle free skin with 3Lab Perfect BB cream having SPF 40

How To Use BB Cream With Concealer?

This is a really simple process. If you don't have much time and want to sport a natural yet complete look,  go for this. Prepare your skin by applying the choicest BB cream. Once done, apply concealer under your eyes with a sponge applicator or gently dab with the help of your ring finger. Lock the look with a lightweight loose powder and prevent creasing.

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How To Apply BB Cream With A Brush?

This method works pretty well in case you have dry skin, and want to use a thick textured liquid BB cream. Get some liquid on your palm and apply five dots with a finger on your forehead, nose, chin, and cheeks.

Now evenly smooth out the dots using the preferred makeup brush and keep working slowly in outward strokes. Be gentle on your skin and don't forget to work it out around the areas of your eyes. 

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Difference Between BB Cream And CC Cream

BB creams come with skin care formula. It's an Asian import with a lighter-than- foundation-feel along with being a bit heavier than tinted moisturizers.

Whereas, CC creams are color correctors that are meant to lighten redness providing a fluffy finish and is kind of an improved BB cream. These have fewer skin benefits, are fast absorbing, and focus more on beautification.

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BB Cream And DD Cream Uses

The Dynamic Do-All also called as the Daily Defense is a hybrid of BB and CC creams. However, these are very different when it comes to their application. It interestingly is a heavy duty foot and body cream. These are thick, perfectly lock the moisture and leave you with a celeb-like skin.

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