What is the Best way to Use Vaseline for Beauty & Skincare?

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What is the Best way to Use Vaseline for Beauty & Skincare?

Vaseline is probably not the first thing that pops into your head when you think about your make up products. But we all still have a bottle lying somewhere near our bed. Considering the various beauty benefits of Vaseline, we would suggest you find that tiny little jar of happiness and start using it every day.

Here’s a list of few uses of Vaseline: 

Vaseline Beauty Secrets 

#1. Restores Cracked Heels 

Use a generous amount of Vaseline on the affected areas and immediately cover it with a socks. Surprise, Surprise! You’ll wake up with soft and beautiful heels. 

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#2. Removes Self-Tanner Patching 

Rub some Vaseline over your ankles, elbows, knees, and wrists before applying any self-tanners. It helps in preventing the chemical to stick to dry areas and also reduces the chances of patchiness.  

#3. Gives A Natural Glow 

This one is quite a useful hack. If you love to highlight your features, then dab a little amount of Vaseline along your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose and under the eyebrows to have an understated shine.  

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#4. Reduces Or Prevents Scars 

If you accidentally burn yourself while ironing your dress or your hair (almost every time), then apply a thin layer of Vaseline on the affected area. It’ll help in reducing the chances of future scarring. 

Vaseline Uses For Beauty 

Here are some specified uses of Vaseline for your hair, lips, nails, and skin.

#1. Vaseline Uses For Lips 

If you usually suffer from dry or flaky lips, start using Vaseline as a lip balm. It will help in retaining the lost moisture, hence giving you soft and kissable lips.

You can also mix in some loose pigments with Vaseline and freeze them into super smooth lipsticks. These lipsticks are great for your lips, and the color sustains for longer too.

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(Image Courtesy: Women's OK)

#2. Vaseline Uses For Hair

Vaseline is great to use to secure your hair against unsafe hair dyeing or straightening chemicals. Use it as a mask around your hairline to avoid blazing sensations or blotches caused due to bleach or dying.

#3. Vaseline Uses For Eyelashes 

If you are looking for thicker lashes, and applying mascara is not your calling, then try using Vaseline. Apply a thin layer of the wonder jelly over your lashes before going to bed every night. It would not only make your lashes glossy but will also help in increasing the volume.  

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(Image Courtesy: Treat & Heal)

Petroleum jelly can also be used to convert a matte eye shadow into a glossy one. Just dab a little amount of Vaseline before applying the eye shadow and see the dazzling effects.

Apart from giving shine and volume, Vaseline can also be used as a makeup remover. The moisture of the jelly compels your stubborn makeup to slip off your eyes and face.

Vaseline Uses Acne 

 The wonder jelly does not really help in preventing acnes although the protective formula contained in Vaseline and can help in the faster recovery of the skin from any kinds of breakage. Vaseline is useful in preventing the re-entry of germs that caused acne.

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(Image Courtesy: Be Skin Host)

Can Petroleum Jelly Cause Cancer?

The simple answer is NO. Petroleum jelly can never cause cancer of any kinds. It was first found in the 1850’s following which it was accessible to the public in 1872. Vaseline or petroleum jelly is a complicated combination of hydrocarbons found in semi-solid form through dewaxing of paraffinic residual oil. It consists of saturated crystalline and liquid hydrocarbons that have carbon numbers predominately higher than C25. 

Do you think that Vaseline is a wonder jelly? Let us know in the comment section below.

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