Why are Rihanna's Fenty Make up Products so in demand?

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Why are Rihanna's Fenty Make up Products so in demand?

Rihanna has recently launched a new line of products called Fenty Make-Up Products. Ever since their launch, they are so in trend and high on demand. I find the collection really attractive and prepossessing. It is like a must-have when you look at the collection. 

Have you heard of her latest launch? Do you like them? Would you try it? Why do you think that a brand endorsement by a singer could always be fit for each one of us? Why is it trending?

Please share your views in the comment section below. 

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The products had been launched after two years research and it is strongly complexion focused. These products are made for all kinds of skin tone, so it will never be a problem for you to apply them. They will not budge out after you have applied it. These are the most stylish and worth splurging on cosmetics, their exotic range includes:- Matte Long wear Foundation, Cheek Highlighting Brush, Lip Luminizer, Shimmer Skin stick in Blonde, Freestyle Highlight in Ginger Binge or Moscow Mule, Blotting Powder.

Because she's Rihana. Even if she endorses shit by calling it a makeup product, people will buy it. 

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