What is the Right Age for Facial?

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What is the Right Age for Facial?

Every woman is beautiful, because ‘beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder’ (Plato); and there is definitely one man (if not many), who will find you beautiful. But what about the sun, the dirt, the pollution, and the stress that has been taking a toll on your beautiful skin?

Not just women, but teenage girls too face breakouts and blackheads, be it due to hormonal changes or excess oil release. Getting regular clean ups or facials is the only feasible option. But can girls get facials too? What is the minimum age for a facial? Will facials affect the otherwise soft skin of growing girls?

Let’s try to find answers to these questions.

Minimum Age To Do Facial

Beauty experts are often fired with questions like, what is the minimum age to start facials? Should teenagers get facials? Or is there a specific age for starting facials?

Well, is there actually a minimum age bar when it comes to facials? Experts suggest NO. A facial is basically a facial treatment which constitutes of a deep cleansing of the skin to improve and rejuvenate its health and appearance. Over the years, the combination of science and beauty have come up with diversified facials specific to skin issues like acne, tanning or aging.

If you are skeptical about coming in contact with the chemically infused creams and scrubs on your premature skin, then you can always start with a basic clean up session. Clean ups can be defined as the beginner’s level facials. The procedure includes cleaning of the skin by reducing dehydration and removing black heads.

Once you head towards your womanhood, facials become a part of your daily skin care routine. Regular facials help in sustaining the skin’s glow by deep cleansing and reduction of pigmentation. Adding bleach to your facial will only add on to the after effects.


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Right Age For Using Bleach

Bleaching is basically a process wherein the unwanted facial hair is dyed into golden brown color. The color leads to a lesser visibility of the hair because of the camouflage effect. Similar to facials, there is no defined minimum age for getting bleach.

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Facial Is Good Or Bad For Skin

Now that we have already discussed the minimum age factor, it is time that we go through the benefits and demerits of facials.

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A facial treatment aims at improving the appearance of the skin. The procedures and products used in facial vary according to the needs of the client’s skin. These are some of the benefits of facials:

#1. A facial massage promotes blood flow, as a result of which the skin cells get nourished properly. Moreover, the massage is very relaxing and therapeutic, which helps in releasing stress.

#2. There are specified facials meant for different skin problems, and aging is one of them. A facial treatment that targets aging skin, focuses on cleaning, steaming and massaging it. A facial massage helps in tightening the otherwise saggy skin, and an exfoliation mask helps in removing the soft lines and wrinkles which start to appear after a certain age.

#3. Facials are also beneficial for those who have oily skin. Regular facial treatments help in dropping the amount of oil released, hence reducing acne and pimple breakout.

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As good as it sounds; facials do have some side effects as well. Most of your beauty experts would recommend you to try gold facials, but these gold facials have some severe side effects. Here are a few of them.

#1. Redness and Irritation

#2. Breakouts

#3. Scarring

#4. Dryness

Consult your skin expert prior to getting a facial done. Apart from choosing the right facial for your skin, make sure you drink enough water and eat right for a natural glow.

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Do you have any skin related queries? Let us know in the comment section below.

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Varies With Individual Skin

The sun, dirt, grime, pollution, stress; all of these take a toll on your skin. You may not immediately realize it, but it shows over time. One cannot suggest a minimum age to do facial as it depends on your skin type, but starting too early is not always a great idea. But then how do we decide the right age for facial? Dehydration due to excessive sunlight causes fine lines and pigmentation. One can also face breakouts and suffer from blackheads. Therefore, it’s essential to follow a facial routine that's right for your skin. While we are not defining a right age to do facial , we can suggest you  the skin care you need when you pass from your 20’s to 30’s to 40’s.
Enjoy Your Happy 20s
At 20, most men and women just begin to get rid of their teenage acne and start working towards a clearer skin and can be labeled as the right age for starting facials. A monthly clean up can help delay the ageing process. You can go for something which is herbal and light which provides a moisturizing treatment to your skin. You can opt for ingredients like fresh ginger, turmeric, mint leaves along with tangerine, cucumber and honey. A fruit moisturizer treatment can also be beneficial and will exfoliate, moisturize and soften your skin. Ensure that all the products you use are organic and natural products.
Let Your Skin Change In Your 30s
If your 20’s is the right age to do facial then your 30’s is the time when your skin starts to change. A facial should be such that it re-balances the hydration, balances the sebum, moisturizes and improves your complexion. Choose a facial that comprises of a gentle massage. It will relieve tension and rejuvenate your skin. An exfoliating substance will help in clearing out the dead skin cells and ending the facial with a hydrating mask will leave you calm and relaxed.
Facials are Essential in your 40s
Those with a mature skin should be careful of what they use. If the weather is sticky, you should cleanse your skin thoroughly and keep your facials regular. Use a face pack of cold milk, cucumber juices, papaya or even mashed banana to cope up with the humid weathers.

No, They Don't

I don’t think that there is a right age for facial. A lot of people debate that there is a right age to do facial but I don’t think so. There is no minimum age for facial and a lot of dermatologists back this statement. Generally, the right age for facials is when the skin is starting to change—when blackheads, bumps and break outs start to appear. The right age to do facial may be 11 for some and for others it might be a little later. Facials are done to clean the skin that goes through pollution every day which damages it. The pollution damages the skin’s radiance and elasticity. It becomes dull and dirty with a long exposure to sun and pollution. People of every age group are exposed to the harmful environment and they need to take care of their skin. A teenage having skin problems because of the environment should have a facial and so there is no minimum age for facial.
I have a daughter who is sixteen and her skin got damaged due to skin exposure. She is a state-level football champion and she participates in a lot of competitions. She has to be out there under the sun playing for her school which affects her skin. Even though she applies a sunscreen she has a dull skin. Being a winner and a champion she should also look like one and therefore I take her to the salon for a facial. Anybody can get a facial according to the need of their skin. Be it a man or a woman anybody can get a facial at any time. If you are worried about your child’s skin then you could consult a dermatologist or a skin specialist. There are other creams and medication available that are effective as well. People can also use home remedies if they do not want to get facial done. There are a lot of options available on internet for the same and the most important thing is that it can be done by ingredients that are always there at home in the kitchen. I have tried some facial packs at home after watching the DIY videos on the internet.

Varies With Individual Skin

It certainly depends upon the kind of skin you have. Having a sensitive skin will end up in tremendous difficulties. But if your skin is adaptable to product and still keeps the youthfulness intact then there is no harm in using facial products. Of course, excessive usage of products will harm any sort of skin in the long run. But, in my opinion, if your skin has the immunity to retain its glow then using facial products once in a while will not come with pathetic results. 

Yes, They Can

Sometimes these facial packs that are used for facials are not made of natural ingredients. There are many packs that have a high amount of chemical in them. Sometimes if your skin is hard it may not be hugely affected, but in case you have a very soft skin you really need to be aware of the ingredients in the pack. Why it becomes dangerous for young people is because of the kind of skin they tend to have at such an age. They generally have a very sensitive skin which may be adversely affected by the chemical contents of these facial packs. There are other cleansing agents used for facials, which also may prove to be harmful to the sensitive skin of teenagers. 

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