What are the Best Facial Hair Removal Methods?

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What are the Best Facial Hair Removal Methods?

Hair growth on anyone’s face can be quite natural. The way we think about those pesky whiskers is what makes us feel sane or embarrassing. If you are a woman with a thick growth things would be bothersome.

But there are several quick and easy ways to remove facial hair. However, the one that suits best works best for you!

Hair Removal Through Tweezers/ Cream/ Waxing

Waxing, tweezing, threading and usage of depilatory creams are some really common ways to remove facial hair.

Tweezers: Those annoying strands can easily be plucked with tweezers from the root. And it's actually an ideal way to get rid of the smaller hair present on your chin, upper lip, and eyebrows.

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Waxing: Pulling off facial hair with the help of soft wax is another popular and frequently used method. It can be applied for shaping eyebrow, clearing upper lip, chin hair, and forehead. 

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Chemical Depilatory: Creams are also best facial hair removal techniques. They are gentle, applied to the desired area and wiped off with the hair itself. It’s a cheap and easy to use method.

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Natural Ways To Remove Facial hair

#1. Excessive facial hair growth can be prevented with an egg white mask. Apply a smooth mixture on your face and once dry, peel it off slowly and rinse with cold water.

#2. Sugar lemon mask is again a traditional trick to get rid of facial hair. Apply the paste of melted sugar along with lemon for 15 minutes and rinse with cold water.

#3. Honey can be used as a natural waxing agent. Warm up the mixture, spread the paste like wax and pull the hair in opposite direction of the growth with a wax strip.

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#4. Blend banana and oatmeal into a smooth paste, apply to the desired areas, rub in circular motions and wash off with cold water after 15 minutes.

#5. Turmeric and milk can also be used to effectively remove facial hair. Apply the paste, let it stay for about 20 minutes and wash off with warm water.

#6. Grind yellow lentils soaked overnight, extract mashed potato juice and mix in some lemon and honey. Apply the paste for about 30 minutes and rub in circular motions to peel it off. It's one of the best facial hair removal practices.

Laser Hair Removal Method

Science has gone way beyond than what we can even imagine. A concentrated and high energy beam is used to aim at the unwanted hair. The light damages or burns the hair follicles to prevent any future growth. In a majority of cases, the hair does not grow back. It’s an expensive but a brilliant facial hair removal process. You can permanently get rid of unwanted growth, but it requires consultation by a reputed dermatologist.

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However, it also comes with a downside. The laser may create hyperpigmentation on your skin. Itching is a regular side effect and numbness may also occur. Results of the facial laser hair removal vary upon your skin color and hair color. 

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