Are you afraid of getting old?

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Are you afraid of getting old?

How old are you? This question skips a heartbeat in millions of people and all prefer to keep mum while answering it unless it is for any kind of purpose. This clearly states people are too afraid to go ahead in terms of age count. But growing old in course of time has some positive aspects even. Nevertheless, it is the law of nature. No one can stay young for eternity. Everyone has to move ahead, become old and gradually die. So why do people feel so insecure and afraid of getting old. After all age is just a number and shouldn’t we be happy that we are getting matured?

A lot of people spend a huge amount of money just to maintain a younger look. Cosmetics, Therapy, Lifestyle or even some foodstuffs all to look younger. So why do people have this thought that looking a bit older will prove a great deal of disadvantages in their life? Let’s find out.

Wrinkles - The most usual and common answer people will give is because of the fact that an aged skin has a lot of wrinkles. Wrinkles are folds or crease in the skin which gradually develops as a result of ageing. Loss of body mass along with thinning of the skin makes wrinkle appear in course of time. Wrinkle skin is considered as a great disadvantage as they prove to be unusually ugly. A person usually gets wrinkles in his/her face with an advancement of age, so people try their best to avoid wrinkles and try to look as young as possible.

Change in the way Society Thinks - Aged people have a different impression on society as far as behaviour is considered. Aged people mostly are termed as impatient, over protective, emotional and even at times having a negative attitude. Aged people consider this as antisocial behaviour and try to remain indoor as much as possible. Because of the fact that the society has a completely different perception of older people, it is pretty much certain that no one wants to get old. Although growing old does not necessary mean getting outmoded, but it still has a different influence on a much younger generation.

Over Thinking - The most common trait an elderly person has is that of being over protective by over thinking. No doubt due to several instances and experiences in their life, older people gain more knowledge and always think twice before taking any decision. But this kind of gesture is not well adopted by the younger generation. They get annoyed and vexed in seeing their elder ones behaving in such manner. That is why people never want to fall in the more experienced category as they always want to have a good rapport with younger ones.

Nevertheless, getting old also paves a path for several benefits. Many of the life’s hardest decisions are always solved by elderly people. They are often considered as an embodiment of knowledge and experience. There are numerous positive sides taken into consideration when one advances towards the older generation and that should not be overlooked.

Settled - Elderly Persons are settled. They don’t crave for unnecessary things and have everything of their own. Be it a house, car, yard or shop. When a person advances in his/her life, things are managed in a planned manner in comparison to his younger days. Considering this fact older people are well settled and are totally immune to several ups and downs of a financial crisis. That's why older people lead a relaxed life with less stress and more time to stretch their legs.

Experiences - Older people are far more experienced than the younger generation and there is no denying in that. They always know which path creates trouble in future and which one showers with happiness. So people always take a plentiful of advice from them before taking any serious decisions in life. As a result, they are the most searched category when it comes to taking decisions in the most alarming situations of life. No doubt being an older person always gets the center of attention during these moments.

Much Less Drama - Older people have a sense of stableness in their behaviour. As a person grows old there is comparatively less drama or useless things as compared to the younger generation. Older people tend to remain calm and talk in the most sensible and mannered way rather than creating a total mess by displaying a mixture of emotions. Older people tend to move on with life in an organised way and are considered as better personage when it comes to showing reactions.

No one wants to get old for sure. But getting old cannot be avoided. It is nature's way of showing everything has an end. So we, rather than seeing the negative aspects of ageing, should figure out the positive side. Thus it will gradually help our subconscious to stay calm and spend less money on reversing the irreversible.

Why are we afraid of getting old? What are the merits and demerits of getting old? These are the questions we always have in mind when people spend huge bucks in staying young. Check out articles at and find out more.

Getting old is not in our hand. It is the law of nature that everyone should follow. But still, we are so afraid of getting old that we spend huge efforts in staying young. Check out articles regarding this topic at

Old is Gold. But everyone wants to stay young. What is the reason that people spend a huge amount of money in staying young? Why are they afraid of getting older? Check out articles regarding the same at

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