Spying on Your Spouse: Legal or Illegal – Is It Lawful to Spy on Your Spouse?

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Spying on Your Spouse: Legal or Illegal – Is It Lawful to Spy on Your Spouse?

If you are lost in the jungle of suspicions because of your spouse, you might also think for the option to spy on him/her. But are you sure that this action is lawful? Is there a possibility that you can be sued by your spouse if ever you get caught? I talked to a Linda Painfree a relationship coach from Loveawake dating site about a subject that drives many men and women a little crazy. I am sure that article can answer your questions and doubts.

Is it legal or illegal to spy on your spouse?

Think about the fact that there’s the thin line between spying and intrusion of privacy, so be sure that you’re not messing up with the law. Remember that you’re still not sure if your suspicions are real. Be careful on setting up spy gadgets and don’t let anyone to know about this. Although buying spy gadgets are not illegal, spying someone even your spouse is still against the law. It can always be considered as invasion of privacy and there’s a legal punishment for that. You can be sued because of spying.

There are so many ways to spy on someone. You can buy them in the market. A spy software can be installed in your mobile phone and computer to track on those calls, text massages, emails, and even IMs. Exploiting this personal information is just a piece of cake for technology. There are the GPS tracking devices that can track your location, spy cameras that can watch your daily activity at home or even in the office, and other high tech spy tools that are amazingly available in the market. Those spying methods are now more accessible and user friendly. So everyone can use it.

Some spying activities are obviously illegal. Such as installing keylogger or hacking tools to crack on someone’s computer codes and passwords to unlock those locked folders with some personal information inside it. Hiring a Personal Investigator to do the dirty job won’t assure you that can’t be sued for that because you’re not the one who did it personally. Remember that it’s still your liability. Pretending to be someone else, especially in a phone calls or messages is illegal.

There are also some actions that stand in the border of being lawful and unlawful. Example of it are, wire tapping a phone call, you can tap a phone call it you are a part of that phone call. You’re just recording it for official documentation. But wire tapping a phone call of your partner who’s talking to other person is an obvious violation of the law. Spy cams are legal if installed at your home but if it’s installed at other’s house, that’s illegal. Hacking your own computer is legal, but if you did it on other’s computer, it’s clearly illegal. Usually GPS tracking systems are put on your own phones or cars. But if you use it to others property, you’re already violating the law.


As a synopsis, the legality of spying on someone can be determined on how you’ll going to use it. If you use spy gadgets on your own properties, it’s not against the law. But if you install them to somebody’s property, you can be sued for that. And always remember, to avoid getting into troubles, don’t let yourself to get caught.

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