Contested Vs. Uncontested Divorce

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Contested Vs. Uncontested Divorce

Married people often experience conflicts in their life and thus they opt for the legal process of divorce. It does not only mean cancellation of marital bond, but legally in also implies mental, relational and monetary separation between two people.

Uncontested divorce -

It is divorce where the separation between the couple happens amicably. Both the partners agree to the terms raised in the matters related to divorce and successfully dissolve the nuptial bond without any open disputes. There’re some legal procedures adhered to this form of divorce, but the long-term courtroom battles are never a part of this kind of divorce. An experienced local attorney can guide the couple through the proceedings of such a divorce.

Contested divorce -

In contested divorce, conflicts arise between the partners related to divorce. In such a scenario, couple need to follow a whole set of legal procedures and it takes the time to resolve the matters. The couples also need to serve a petition for divorce where the various reasons are stated based upon which they wish to terminate their marriage. The proposal of settlement is discussed by the attorneys of both parties. Couples usually file for contested divorce due to child custody, financial demands, or property distribution.

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