The unhappy marriage.

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The unhappy marriage.

Are you a happily married person? Many people are going to say that they cannot come to a definite conclusion. If you are a hypocrite, you can say that you are leading a fully satisfied married life. If you are divorced, you can say that your marriage was a disaster. These are all biased conclusions and your own prejudices often force you to speak so.

The unhappy marriage has become a hot topic of discussion these days because the number divorces have increased ever than before. Today, most people come out and speak against their partners using harsh words after a breakup and this practice emanates a lot of negative energy.

Why do people want a divorce?

Marriage is the true union of two minds. Then, how can you describe divorce? Nobody can say that it is the true separation of two minds. Why do people want to get separated? Sometimes; it can be an unforgivable betrayal like infidelity or it can be an intolerable character flaw like constant abusive nature or violence from the partner that leads to divorce. When all these problems persist for an extended period of time, living together becomes unbearable and people make a decision to part ways. Unfortunately, many couples seek a divorce, not because of these unavoidable circumstances. On the other hand; they part their ways because of their petty egos and stubborn nature and it can never be described as a healthy practice.

The importance of refining yourself

In India, marriage is an institution that plays a prominent role in helping people lead a meaningful and disciplined life. Staying happily married for a lifetime demands a lot of patience, cooperation, mutual trust, love, affection, compassion, care, concern and much more. If you want to lead a happily married life, you have to refine yourself every now and then and, it can be described as a continuous process. When you remain sincere and committed to yourself, you can be a good husband or wife. Otherwise, you have to face all the consequences of an unhappy marriage.

Marriage and symphony

Successful marriage life is like conducting a symphony. The conductor must blend everything in a harmonious manner to create a great musical composition and quite similarly, both partners should make a combined effort to make their marriage life meaningful, complimentary and purposeful. 

You are the conductor and your orchestra comprises of your partner and children. A great conductor inspires the orchestra to transform and helps them reach their potential. If you are a bad conductor, your marriage and family suffer and everything looks disjointed. Such a situation leads to unhappy marriage and the whole experience becomes a nightmare for you and your family members.

The bottom line is that the magic of intimacy is the key to success and when you are intimate with your partner, you feel empowered. You may feel vulnerable when you are intimate with your partner but intimacy generates the feeling of being valued and embraced and this magic of intimacy gives you the power to withstand the turmoil and hardships in life with increased determination and commitment. 

When you keep on refining yourself consistently, you learn how to lead an intimate life with your partner and it rehabilitates you psychologically and emotionally as well. If you cannot do so, you will have to face all the complications and consequences involved with an unsuccessful marriage.


I haven't broken up my marriage, but then I am not happy with my marriage. However, I have learnt to live with my frustration in this 30 years of married life.

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