What are the Things that can make a Huge Difference in your Marriage?

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What are the Things that can make a Huge Difference in your Marriage?

When you are married and stay with a person for a long time, the things you admired about them can easily convert into things that annoy you. This may be due to your surroundings or the monotonous pattern of your life. Marriage comes with a lot of responsibilities. When two people live together, each one of them has their own set of opinions and perspective towards life. While, marriage brings with itself a lot of promises, happy feelings and good times, it also brings along its own set of challenges and problems.

A marriage can always be turned into a good experience by showing love towards your spouse on a regular basis. Be with them as you guys have just started dating. Try to bring a tinge of fresh air in your relationship every now and then. This will not only help you to have a good married life but will also be able to lead your life in a super-easy and fun way. In order to lead a happy married life, one needs to take care of little things.

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#1. Revisit The Physical Touch

Both of you have become cold towards each other and feel difficult to open up and share your feelings. Your spouse is not as good as he or she was at reading your mood and behavior. This is quite normal in a marriage because you both have become familiar with the quirks and traits of your partner. The interest you both had in each other initially is decreasing.  With time, you both get used to each other's presence and everything has become quite predictable. You both are consumed with professional life and household chores. In such a situation, it becomes very important to bring back the physical intimacy in your relationship. Revisiting the human touch nudges you closer to your partner and tells you that all is not wrong. It helps you maintain the love between both of you. Little gestures such as hugging or kissing can work wonders for your married life. You can gently caress your spouse daily and wake them up with a morning kiss or a tight hug.

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#2. Cultivate A Sense Of Humor

It is very easy to crack jokes. All you need to do is listen to what your spouse is saying and add a few lines of your own to twist the statement into something jocular and funny. Having a sense of humor will make life easier not only for you but for your spouse as well. It is often the case with us that we get exhausted because of our professional lives, which also leave an impact on our relationships. We keep pushing ourselves in one direction in the quest for success. We forget the fact that both success and failure are not permanent. At times, we become so serious in our lives that we almost become incapable of laughing and living our lives happily. Having a sense of humor is a real fun way to reconnect with your partner. You can lighten up their mood whenever they get frustrated and diffuse their tension.

#3. Workout Together

Working out can be a good and healthy way to reconnect with your partner. It will make you active. Lethargy and fatigue can make you bicker with your spouse as the frequency of sex will reduce. The sexless days and nights will really get to you and can even decrease the intimacy because there won’t be any after sex cuddles. For love to stay in your heart it is very important that you nurture it as feeding it once is not enough. Taking up sports together or going for a run will certainly renew the fondness for each other because you will see your spouse in a different light and more often than not the light is bright because new experiences fill us with excitement.

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#4. Plan A 'Fight Day'

This can go wrong if not done with care. However, despite the risk, the reason we say you must have a fight day each month is that we know things build up and if they are not spoken about they threaten to steal your peace of mind. This can make you acerbic towards your partner which can make one of you or even both of you think that the love is lost between you too. Whatever your current emotional state is, it will not stay the same. You can get rid of harmful feelings and residue sooner if both of you agree on shouting (if necessary) and accept voicing your fears and insecurity. Tell each other how angry you get when someone tries to control you. You are already doing the best you can to settle the differences, and when you feel that your spouse expects more from you, you easily get angry as they don’t push themselves to do the same thing. On your fight day, you can talk about all the things that make you angry. This will help you to vent out your frustration. You will enjoy life and marriage more.

#5. Show Love To Each Other

It is very important that you show love to each other so that you keep each other from thinking that your spouse used to do that before but don’t do it now. In order to prevent your spouse from feeling doomed you need to revisit your old fun times to remind your partner that you feel the same way about him or her. This will make a lot of difference to the marriage and rekindle that long-lost romance.

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#6. Talk About Future Plans

You don’t need to make the kind of future plans which are aimed at sweeping your partner of his or her feet. You need to make them so that your partner never loses sight of the truth that your future is with them. Your rapport and camaraderie with your partner will be as strong as it can be when you discuss going somewhere or doing something in the future. He or she will feel that you are happy with them and that's why you want to include them in all your future plans. Never make your partner feel that he or she is undeserving of love by sweeping them off your future plan. Always keep your head high and sight ahead as it will make  alot of difference in your marriage.

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