Best Ways To Save Your Relationship From Ill-effects Of Infertility

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Best Ways To Save Your Relationship From Ill-effects Of Infertility

The partnership of marriage is based on a variety of components, each adds on to the relationship, and the lack of even a single one can cause a lot of upheavals.

Infertility is one of the leading causes of worry and dissatisfaction among couples, but quite often we don’t focus on the wholesomeness of the relationship we share with our partner and put too much emphasis on the problem at hand.

Don’t let Infertility destroy your Relationship

Infertility is a disease, and it can happen to anyone, both men and women suffer from this problem, and it should not be seen as anything more than a medical condition. Blaming your partner or making them feel responsible for a mistake that is pure medical is unjust. According to WHO and the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, 1 out of 8 couple has a problem conceiving. Many such couples manage to live completely normal and healthy married lives.

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Talk it out

Lack of communication can often create misunderstanding, and it’s advisable to talk it out with your partner and gauge what they think of the situation at hand. Many men and women feel inadequate due to being infertile and in such a case talking it out with your spouse and re-assuring them is very important. Don’t leave your other half in isolation and feeling dejected. Women often fall into depression from the emotional pain of not being able to conceive and become a mother. Men too feel the stress and have a great psychological effect of being infertile.

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Medical Alternatives

There is a whole range of treatment for people suffering from infertility, and it can be a viable way to have a baby. Women who are unable to conceive can make use of procedures such as Clomiphene Citrate treatment, hormone injections, and even IVF. There are medical procedures for men too such as medication, hormonal treatment, IVF-ICSI and more. Also, you can always adopt a child and give a real life to someone. After all nurturing a life is more important than just bringing one.

Keep the love alive

Understand your partner’s pain and share it with them, don’t hide your emotions and let them affect your marriage. You married someone for the person they are and how they make you feel, don’t let one problem blow out of proportion and destroy everything you carefully build. There is always a lot in your marriage to cherish, and it's nice to be always grateful for that. A lot of people wait all their lives to find a perfect partner, and it makes no sense to give your marriage everything when you have found one. You can keep trying for a child but let it not be the sole motive of your relationship.

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Don’t over discuss

It’s important to talk out the issue but don’t let it become the topic of all your discussions. What often happens is that when a topic such as this starts to dominate your relationship, it can take a toll emotionally and mentally. The stress of infertility coupled with other daily stresses can take a mental toll and create unnecessary fights and problems without actually resolving the problem. It’s best to let the matter rest or not discuss over incessantly. Also, refrain from nagging your spouse about it, that’s least likely to help the issue.

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Don’t let romance take backseat

Infertility often turns from a medical issue to a life problem that ultimately destroys marital bliss. The primary reason for that being that romance and sex immediately fizzle out replaced by tension and worry. Lack of intimacy often creates a distance between spouses and a plummeting sexual life doesn’t help.

Marriage is a commitment that stays all life, you take the good with the bad and to end a beautiful relationship over medical issues that have readily available treatments makes no sense at all. Make your partner feel complete and special and value them for being by your side forever.

What is your opinion on this issue and do you feel differently? We would love to hear from you. Kindly use the comment box to share your thoughts and ideas with us. 

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