Open Adoption vs Closed Adoption

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Open Adoption vs Closed Adoption

Childless couples often feel the urge to adopt a homeless kid and enjoy their journey of parenthood. But they need to be completely aware of the legal adoption procedures.

•    Open adoption 
Open adoption happens when the adoptive parents directly get in touch with the biological parents. The birth parents can maintain a contact throughout their adoptive child's life.

•    Close adoption
In a closed adoption, the adoptive parents does not have the right to establish a connection with the biological parents. Neither do the birth parents can get involved in their adoptive child's life. The closed adoption assures privacy and the adopted child does not know whose his actual birth parents are.

Pros of open adoption -
•    The open adoption procedure helps in creating an extended family circle, where the child gets love from both the parents.
•    The adopted child never gets offended by the fact that his birth parents did neglect or leave him.

Pros of closed adoption -
•    In a closed adoption, the parents do not have to face the child’s question and feel guilty.
•    In a closed adoption, the risk of conflicts between the involved families is a bit low.

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