Do you think it is preferable to adopt or to use artificial reproduction technology?

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Do you think it is preferable to adopt or to use artificial reproduction technology?

The option of adoption or the use of artificial reproduction technology depends on the personal choice of an individual or a couple. Many couples face the problem of infertility and in order to fulfil their desire of having a kid of their own, they go for various methods in the field of technology, involving reproduction. These modern ways are not natural so there have to be some consequences too. The outcomes of these artificial methods include prematurity, Heart problems and mental health risks to some extent. However, many couples opt for this method and fulfil their need of having a kid.

The couples who go through the processes of the artificial reproduction should consider some of the important factors before opting for the process.

 Most of them are:

- They are time-consuming as the processes require various tests and multiple steps are followed.

- The chances of conceiving are also not accurate all the time and are not 100 percent sure.

- The processes are expensive and therefore cannot opt by all.

- The processes might have a risk factor on the newborn.

But all these factors never seem to be of a great concern when it comes to having a child of own genes. In some religions, it is not accepted to adapt the unnatural process of having a child. Since it goes against the laws of nature and because of the religious beliefs many couples do not opt for this method. In many religious contexts, the act of masturbation is prohibited and is considered as a sin and therefore the process of having a child by the clinical process is considered as a sin even. The process which includes storing of the sperm of the male, which is then sent for a test, according to contexts is a wrong procedure of having a child.

Many people also think it is better to have their own gene in the child rather than adopting a child of another person. The sentiments of the couple grow stronger when they give birth to a child rather than getting a child from the orphanage. People with such thoughts should never adopt a child as in the long run they might experience some emotional issues which the child has to bear in future. Both the partners should mutually decide whether to go for adoption or the artificial methods in order to have a child. In many cases, the wife wants a kid and the husband doesn't opt while in some cases the husband wants to adopt but the wife prefers a medical method of conceiving a baby. 

In cases like these, several complications take place giving birth to several problems in future. Giving birth to a child by artificial means or by a biological process is not different. In both the cases, you give birth to a new soul but the case of ADOPTION is very sensitive and delicate. In this method, you have to give space to an unknown child who is not related to you by any blood connection. So the adoption process should be an option only when you open your heart to a complete stranger whom you want to give a new life and without thinking about the genes.

In the case of adoption, there are certain risks to the child adopted, both emotionally and mentally. If someday he/she comes to know about the adoption what would be his/her reaction? What emotional state will they go through and how the parents will handle the situation. In many cases, the child comes to know that he/she is adopted from outsiders which make the child emotionally unstable. This can be dangerous. So all these things have to be taken care of when it comes to an adoption process.

The adoption process also has some limitations, they are as follows:

- It includes the lengthy process of paperwork.

- The couple or the individual has to pass certain qualification grades after which they/ individual can adopt a child.

- Their income should be enough to take care of the child and secure the child's future.

- House condition along with financial and behavioural check is done by the officials before the adoption

- It also includes a lot of money to carry out these processes.

But with the above processes, there is a sensitive side attached to it as adoption is not like giving birth to a child. It is about embracing a complete unknown soul and giving him/her a life that would not have been the same in the orphanage. Adoption is a process of giving proper shelter, education and food along with the love which he/she might not get if he/she had not been adopted.

In today's world where the population is rising at such a rapid rate, adoption method is very useful as compared to the methods of artificial reproduction. But again it is a choice made by the individuals whether to give birth or to adopt. No doubt adoption is a very neat and generous cause to go for. There is nothing compared than spreading love and giving a new life to the unprivileged ones but adopting a child, the person has to be selfless and loving, above all, he/she should have the courage to stand by the side of the child no matter what the society demands or says. 

The complete protection of the child is needed, both emotionally and physically in case of an adoption as the news of being adopted might hurt some kids to some extent. Therefore adoption can be a delicate and sensitive matter and only people who are ready to do all the required procedures with care and love should go for it.

It is not about being selfish or being selfless. In both the ways a child is been taken care of by all possible means his/her parents can provide. Whether a child is adopted or been given birth by individuals, love is required in both cases to raise the child into a better human being in future.

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