How can I Impress my Girlfriend's Parents? Please, Advice!

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How can I Impress my Girlfriend's Parents? Please, Advice!

I'm dating a gorgeous country girl for the past 5 years and I'm in a fix as to how should I propose her for marriage. It's quite a challenging task to impress her parents for I'm unsure whether they would approve of me or not. I have a stable job and earn fine to look after a family. Although I'm a photographer by profession and love to go for solo trips, I feel it might be unacceptable for them. 

Please give me some useful tips to woo my girlfriend's parents and win their hearts. Use the dialog box below to share your suggestions. 

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Meeting your girlfriend's parents is an important event and your nervousness is justified. Just be the way you are, express yourself in the best possible manner. Your girlfriend likes you the way you are and she would appreciate if you could be the same person i front of her parents as well. 

Be honest and humble and never tell any lies. Carry yourself with confidence which will tell them you are responsible and hardworking. This will tell them that you are someone who is good at keeping his word and doesn't let life troubles bog you down. 

You need to be really well behaved and well educated. Every parent looks for a person who is perfect for their daughter and worth her. So being well mannered is a must. 

It is essential for you to be the real version of who you are and hope they will accept you.

Be honest about yourself with your girlfriend's parents and I think that is enough.

Be honest. Wear your heart on your sleeves when dealing with your girlfriend's father. Do not pretend anything. 

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