How Can I Control My Emotions And Not Cry?

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How Can I Control My Emotions And Not Cry?

I find it really embarrassing to cry in front of someone. But, I also feel like letting it out. I know, there is no harm in crying, but I also somehow want to learn to control those emotions, at least when I am in public. It's not that I want to portray an opposite image of who I am. But at times, you just need to hold back those tears and simply get moving.

So, when I am on the verge of letting my sentiments out, how can I resist and distract myself? How do I remind myself that I am strong? And how can I dry my eyes without letting someone notice? Please help!

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Following this question, hope to get a good answer.  

Take three deep breaths and say It is going to fine ! and then walk on.

Listen to your favorite music, it helps in calming down. 

Stay with funny friends. 

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