How can I Help my Children to Overcome the Grief and Sorrow of Deceased Loved ones?

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How can I Help my Children to Overcome the Grief and Sorrow of Deceased Loved ones?

I'm a mother of two kids, a 9-year-old daughter, and a 14-year-old son. We visited my maternal home to attend the final rites of my deceased uncle who was apparently children's favorite. It's been over 10 days since we came back home and I could sense deep and profound feeling of sorrow and grief instilled in my kids. 

I feel sad and my efforts to cheer them up have been in vain. Nothing could replace the love, affection, and care of our beloved people. Children have a habit of forming stronger bonds with someone they truly love, which, in turn, leads to misery to see their loved ones leaving away. 

Suggest some effective ways to help my children overcome grief and sorrow. It will be a huge help!

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If possible take your kids for a mini vacation. Let them breathe in fresh air. It'll definitely help them get over the mournful thoughts. 

To help overcome the grief and sorrow of deceased loved ones you need to condition your children with more affection for a while till they restore their own normalcy and come to terms with the natural cycle of life. 

Sometimes it is just important to spend time with them and love them immensely. I suppose this is enough. 

The best way is by giving them as much love and care as possible. make sure you do not let a lot of grief enter their minds very often. 

Spend time with those children and give them any kind of help they may need.

Do not leave them alone, interact with them and ask them to go out. Keep them busy. 

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